John Bell - Speaker Testimonials

John is a powerful, engaging and impactful speaker who is creative, wise and a little bit magical.

Creative Director, Commonwealth Bank

What does it take to leave an enduring legacy? Unique talent; Passion for excellence; Connection with your audience; Compelling performance.

BHP Billiton

"He was not of an Age, but for all time." This comment was made about Shakespeare, but we also think it holds true for John Bell...

BHP Billiton

The company's founder and artistic director, John Bell AO, has shown leadership and vision in putting the company at the centre of Australia's cultural life.

Malcolm Turnbull, prime minister of Australia

John, we are indeed glad that you chose no other course, because we have benefited greatly from the passion you have brought to the company, and to the performing arts more generally.

Malcolm Turnbull, prime minister of Australia

I thank John for his hard work, wisdom and determined passion, which has made Bell Shakespeare such a loved and enduring part of Australia's cultural landscape...

Malcolm Turnbull, prime minister of Australia

Australians are proud of his talent, his vision, his passionate commitment and his leadership.

Kevin Rudd, former prime minister of Australia

John Bell. Does not disappoint. #wow


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