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Siimon Reynolds

Author of breakthrough bestseller book, 'Why People Fail', Siimon Reynolds doesn't just talk about business excellence, he lives it.

Siimon has been featured on 60 Minutes, Today and Bloomberg on his incredible business success. Yet ironically, Reynolds is most interested in failure.

The last business Siimon co-founded, Photon Group, grew from two people to 6000 in just eight years becoming the 15th largest marketing services group in the world. He has also won over 50 business awards.

Siimon believes that it's only when we really understand the causes of failure, that we can build genuine, lasting success. After a multi year study, in 2010 Siimon wrote the breakthrough book, 'Why People Fail', which became a Number One Bestseller in both the Business and Self improvement categories.

In it Reynolds defined 16 fundamental causes of failure and revealed the often surprising solutions. Siimon now speaks around the world as well as mentoring the top 22 global CEO's to help them avoid failure and maximise their success.

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Why People Fail
Siimon Reynolds - Why People Fail
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