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Andy Lark

Building digital and brand greatness with institutions globally.

Whenever there’s been world-shaking innovation in online marketing for major financial services and tech firms, you can bet that Andy Lark has been involved. He’s been the Chief Marketing Officer for a “Who’s Who” of global accounting powerhouse Xero and the digitally innovative banking leader, CBA. He has been a marketing Vice President at Dell, and at Sun Microsystems and has brought leading-edge digital and social marketing to many other firms that he serves as an advisor.

With over 25 years of B2B and consumer marketing, building successful global businesses and creating award-winning marketing campaigns, Andy Lark has worked with everyone from the world’s biggest players to the hottest startups and communications agencies. His blog is a top-100 global marketing blog and he advises the fastest growing marketing analytics tech companies on the planet.

In short, if you want someone with the knowledge, insight and hands-on experience to drag your organisation into the brave new world of digital marketing, Andy Lark is who you should hire. As an internationally acclaimed speaker, Andy Lark knows how to provide the insight and inspiration required to get your leaders and team on track with the latest in technology and consumer trends.

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In a world that will change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 250 years. Are you ready to adapt? How to turn innovation and technology into a growth driver and win in a digital economy. This presentation uses Andy's book Augmented to look at how a new wave of technology will change the fundamentals of society and business. The Augmented Age will be based on four key disruptive themes:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Experience Design
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • HealthTech

Augmented is a book on future history, but more than that, it is a story about how you will live your life in a world that will change more

How enterprises and institutions can use the Five Ps of Marketing to achieve greatness.

The digital divide is radically changing which brands we trust, the products we purchase and how we relate to the marketing we engage with. Using this ‘fundamentals first’ approach to business in a digital age, Andy Lark will help your organisation embrace both “the what” and “the how” of digital technology.

Participants will help attendees to:

  • Recognise which of the 5 Ps their organisation should be paying more attention to
  • Embrace the digital age of marketing
  • Discover what engages modern consumers
  • How your organisation can achieve marketing greatness

Going beyond simply satisfied.

It’s no longer enough to have customers who are simply ‘satisfied’. To build truly remarkable modern businesses you need to generate enduring love for your products and brand with your customers. You can’t buy love with attention (marketing), you have to earn it.

In this engaging keynote, Andy will:

  • Show how leading brands are using marketing, technology and product development to generate love with customers
  • Look at how brands like Xero, My Food Bag, Uber and others are changing industries and how you can to
  • Demonstrate how content is king when generating love for your brand

Understanding leadership today and into the future

Our understanding of leadership has evolved as rapidly as technology and business in the 21st century. Great modern leadership requires a clear understanding of today’s customers and how they interact with brands and businesses.

In this keynote Andy will demonstrate:

  • How leaders can understand, perform and lead
  • How engaged leaders are vulnerable leaders - and why that’s a good thing
  • Why leaders need to grow brands from within, not outsource them

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