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Dan Gregory

A behavioral researcher and expert in Human Motivation, Dan Gregory helps organizations drive engagement at every level.

Daniel Gregory is the founder and CEO of The Impossible Institute™, a Research and Training organization that advises management and sales departments on what truly drives their customers and employees.

Creativity, collaboration, culture, change, innovation, sales, marketing are only a handful of topics Dan has tackled for organizations. He also regularly advises the C-suite and Boards on how to lead with the power of a purposeful and compelling identity in a rapidly changing world and was voted in the "Top 25 C-suite Speakers to watch in 2016!"

In a 20 year history as a thought leader in human behavior, marketing, NPD and communications, Dan Gregory has worked with the biggest global brands and won countless awards around the world for creativity, effectiveness and ROI. In terms of accolades not much has changed as clients continue to rave about his innovative, creative presentations delivered with intelligence and humour. With his experience on the ABC’s Gruen Transfer and time spent the US and UK as a stand-up comedian his delivery and timing is impeccable. With his experience and depth of knowledge there are few topics Dan can’t bring his focus to. His keynotes and workshops are supported with hours of research and some of the sharpest humour our industry has seen.

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My topics...

Stop fighting human nature.

If you want to succeed then you must prepare for failure! Taken from the newly released book of the same title, behavioural strategist Dan Gregory / Kieran Flanagan challenges audiences to step away from the ‘motivational hot air’ and instead design teams, systems and products that align with reality; because we are ALL a little selfish, scared and stupid sometimes.

Key takeaways from this presentation include:

  • Drop the delusion - how to anticipate the worst to ensure the best
  • Systemise success - we can all build excellence into our procedure
  • Motivational fear - how we can harness the basest of human instinct for business greatness

What makes us buy. What makes us buy in.

Whatever success we experience in business and in life is directly linked to our understanding of human motivation and behavior - our own, and that of those around us. 

To be more influential as leaders, as sales and marketing professionals and in our own personal performance, we need to know what drives our decision making and choices.

In this insightful, challenging and entertaining presentation, Dan will help you identify and understand what’s driving your customers, your team, your decision making, trends in the market place, your community… oh, and you too. 

He’ll share the elements of insight-based influence and how all of us can be both more engaging and engaged. 

Specifically, he’ll reveal:

  • How to harness the power of a compelling identity
  •  How to align goals with values
  • The cognitive biases that undermine influence
  • The psychology of value
  • How to match messaging to personality types
  • The language of leverage

How compelling beliefs trump important facts.

The most powerful force in the human mind is a compelling belief.  People will fight for them, die for them, defend their irrationality and evangelize on behalf of them. There are beliefs that empower and command us to action, those that inspire and rouse and others that limit our potential, cause us to shrink and live painfully beneath our possibilities.

So how do we harness these incredible thought patterns to build cultures of the willing, create customers who are enthusiastic and lift our own performance and mindset?

In this provacative and engaging presentation, Dan will reveal how beliefs are formed, shared & anchored and how they can have an extraordinary impact in our business and personal lives. 

Specifically, he’ll outline:

  • The importance of “Story-Doing”
  • The tricks of the persuasive arts
  • How the brain works through heuristic short cuts
  • How we are compelled to make meaning
  • Why a lie can actually be a good thing
  • How beliefs are formed and shared and create the foundations of culture and mindset

How design beats discipline & motivation.

No one is motivated all the time, and certainly, no one is disciplined in every area of their lives. 

However, most traditional models of motivation (whether they be intended to inspire a team, move a community, shift a product or change a personal behavior), are achored in two primary strategies - motivation and discipline. The problem is, these are both short term strategies.

A more effective strategy is that of Behavior Design. BD builds motivation into our actions, habits, processes, systems, language, environments and contexts at an intrinsic level, making influence, engagement and conversion more likely and more sustainable.

In this exciting and inspirational presentation, Dan will help you understand that influence and motivation don’t happen in a vaccuum, but are in fact dependent on environmental and systemic factors we all have access to and control over.

Specifically, he’ll demonstrate:

  • Why we need to design failure into our processes
  • How changing the context changes everything
  • How we can use Behavior Design every day
  • Why value and influence is situational
  • How to design with a bias towards success

See me...

Watch me...

Big Wins First

December 12th 2016

What are we prepared to give up in order to be successful? When we talk about productivity we often talk in terms of hard work and tick-box 'To Do's' required in order for us to get results. Instead, in this video-clip behavioural research and expert in human motivation Dan Gregory breaks down the practical steps you can start using tomorrow to actively achieve your most important tasks, helping you reach your goals and achieve your purpose.

Motivation vs Design

February 2nd 2016

In this video-clip, bestselling author, behavioral researcher and strategist Dan Gregory weighs up Motivation vs Design - Is achieving success really all about what drives us, or are the design structures we build into our lives more important?

What Makes You Different?

September 3rd 2015

One of the principle problems organizations and their teams face is a lack of clarity about the business they’re really in. Now, understandably, this can be a challenging concept for most organizations – surely we all understand the business we’re in?

However, I want to suggest that the true nature of our business, the game we’re really playing is not the products we sell or the services we provide.

eVideo Series

eVideo Series

In this nine-part eVideo series Dan Gregory explores the topics of leadership, impact, motivation and buy-in and how to leverage those things to build a better business model for the future.

Book: Selfish, Scared and Stupid

Book: Selfish, Scared and Stupid

Appealing to humans′ basic instincts to increase influence, buy–in and results. Survival of the species comes down to three basic instincts, say behavioural research strategists Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan―fear, self–interest and simplicity. These basic human behaviours come into play in all types of relationships, including those between businesses and customers. Selfish, Scared and Stupid: Stop fighting human nature and increase your performance, engagement and influence, demystifies these behaviours and examines the psychology behind why even the best ideas sometimes fail.

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