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Johnny Earle AKA. Johnny Cupcakes

If you want to inspire cult-like brand loyalty, the kind that involves mile long queues and permanent tattoos, Johnny Earle is your speaker!

How do you turn a t-shirt brand that’s sold from the trunk of a rusty car into a global multi-million dollar business?

Named America’s #1 young entrepreneur by BUSINESS WEEK, profiled in the NYTimes, NPR, MTV, Forbes, NEWSWEEK Magazine and the Boston Globe, and featured in INC Magazine as one of the world’s fastest growing independent businesses - there is only one man that knows the answer to that question – Johnny Earle, the founder of Johnny Cupcakes.

At 19 Johnny had a passion for his one of a kind t-shirt business to go global so in a saturated marketplace, he needed a different recipe that would go viral! He created such a unique brand experience that consumers would (and do) line up around the block for. 

After 5 global store openings, he inspires fans to camp out for weeks ahead of time and high profile collaborations such as The Simpson's, Looney Tunes and Nickelodeon. Johnny is now sharing his secret recipe for VIRAL Business and Marketing Success through his high impact keynote speeches.

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Inspiring Customer Loyalty

With each new launch the hysteria around the ‘Johnny Cupcakes’ brand continues to conquer the globe. The reaction goes from 10 block queues as anxious fans await for the shop to open to Cupcake tattoos, yes, permanent ones.

In this awe-inducing presentation Johnny will educate you on how you too can create a wave of loyalty and obsession around your products, your business and within your teams through the power of social media & experiential branding.

Key takeaways include:

  • Capitalizing on Cut Through – how to stand out in a saturated market
  • Your Personal Brand – how everything about your first impression counts
  • Experiential Drivers – creating employee, team and consumer experiences that people shout about
  • Effective Innovation – taking existing genius and growing it!

Contemporary Leadership

We talk about ‘word of mouth’ advertising as the holy grail of brand expansion, but countless businesses forget the word of mouth generated internally and by their team of millennia’s.

There is no one that understands the mindsets of the millennial workforce than Johnny Cupcakes. In this dynamic presentation he will inspire leaders to create a culture of ‘brand obsessives’, team members who will shout about the company values and engage with the brand on a deep level; resulting in loyal teams and bowled- over customers.

Key takeaways include:

  • Focus Pocus – when the stakes are high, how do we keep our teams focused and driven?
  • Happiness Hypotheses – get your team to fall in love with what they do
  • Supportive Leadership – how do we create a culture where failure is appreciated?
  • Brand Alignment – simple tools to embody the brand in and out of work hours

Empowering Entrepreneurs

So many ideas, so little funding! Some of the biggest business success stories were the product of dollar coffees and a loving parent’s garage – including Johnny Cupcakes. So if you have the drive then this presentation will show you how to get behind the wheel and steer!

With utter conviction and complete passion Johnny will talk budding entrepreneurs through the lessons he has learnt on his journey to global domination – and arm them with easy to apply strategies for making their dreams a reality.

Key takeaways include:

  • Defining your brand – creating a product that people can believe in
  • Money talks – how you can generate cash to get up and running
  • Getting back up – how to fail in style, and get back up for more
  • Keeping the focus –simple tricks for keeping your head in the game

The Ultimate Branding Tool Box

If you were a product what box would you come in? If you were a business what uniform would your staff wear? In a world where millionaires are made on blogs, and a website review can break a billion dollar business, what are you doing as a person in business to grow your brand?

Nobody understands the power of a brand more than Johnny Earle and in this passion fueled presentation he talks to employees, CEO’s and business owners on how they can generate a world-class reputation that is impossible to ignore.

Key takeaways include:

  • Shiny packages – simple tricks that you or your team can use to stand out
  • Disruptive marketing – ways to create a buzz that people share
  • First up – how to take a ‘great’ first impression and make it unforgettable
  • Cut through – the messaging you can use to ensure you are remembered

Uniquely suited to the needs of each client

Some of the key takeaways Johnny will include are:

  • How to gain impact from the smallest changes
  • How to stand out and stay relevant in a world full of distractions and competition
  • Simple tools for effective delegation
  • The ONE calculated risk everyone should try
  • How to gain word of mouth advertising
  • The value of creating unique experiences
  • The importance of the first impression: How your business card, resume, or website could make or break an opportunity
  • The power of packaging
  • Creating and growing a community of loyal customers

See me...

Watch me...

Surviving the Retail Suicide Mission

October 30th 2017

"Life is short, and people’s attention spans are even shorter. Your brand DNA is your story." This was Johnny Earle's advice at HubSpot's Inbound conference late last month. And as the crown-prince of turning a short attention span into a retail empire... he'd know!

Event planning with merchandise

November 25th 2016

I was recently invited to speak at the HITEC conference, the worlds largest hospitality technology show. This event was produced by HFTP, an international professional association serving the hospitality finance and technology industries. For the event, we created a special edition t-shirt, which had people climbing over one another in hopes of grasping one! With all parties involved, this was a huge success.

Inspire and motivate your millenials

November 25th 2016

We know that the future of work is changing, and for the ellusive 'millenials' motivators that worked in the past are quickly losing power. So how do you motivate and satisfy the needs of and get the best from this creative group who are so essential in our workplaces?

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