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Kieran Flanagan

A social futurist and rare leader in the world of Mad Men, Kieran Flanagan teaches companies and leaders how to harness the commercial power of human nature.

CEO’s, brands, employees, sales people – we all wish we could unlock the secret to driving others to buy, engage and lead, but what if our core human nature is the key? Responsible for some of the biggest product launches in history, nobody understands what makes people 'buy' or 'buy in' better than Kieran Flanagan.

A true Creative Leader in a world of Mad Men, Kieran was also one of the youngest Creative Directors to lead an award-winning advertising agency. And now, after years of consulting with the worlds leading businesses on how to engage consumers – Kieran is captivating audiences with her revolutionary message.

A passionate advocate for the commercial power of creativity and leadership that is more agile, adaptable and engaging, Kieran has wowed audiences as diverse as the UN, Coca-Cola and TEDx. And with a career that spans two decades, countless awards and un-paralleled respect within the industry – her message, that our humanity is our biggest asset when it comes to influence, will deliver lasting change to your organisation

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My topics...

How Critical & Creative Thinking give you the last competitive advantage.

Our performance is no longer a function of our knowledge or understanding. Nor is it necessarily linked to our capability or proficiency within existing processes.

Rather, it is a willingness develop your cognitive elasticity and adopt thinking habits that are more innovative and take us out of default patterns and reflex reactions. Think of “Out-Think” as “Luminosity for the business brain.

In this exciting and thought-provoking presentation, Kieran Flanagan will reveal:

  • How leaders can change the game by changing the frame they view their strategy through
  • How managers can encourage a culture of creative & critical thinking - driving innovation and strategic solutions
  • How sales and marketing teams can develop an agility of mindset that makes them more proactive and resilient
  • How individuals can develop tools that allow them to bring better ideas to the table and use better judgement in assessing them

To further embed these learnings and help them become a cultural capability, follow up with Kieran’s “Strategic Planning & Issue Hacking Workshop” - PLANNING TO WIN

How to sell your ideas and build engagement

We are all in the business of selling: Leaders must engage whole organizations and communities, managers must sell their teams on new processes and performance targets, individuals and sales people need to be able to pitch their thinking up the organizational structure, down their immediate reporting line and directly to their customers.

In this fun and liberating presentation, Kieran Flanagan will reveal:

  • How leaders can be more engaging in their communication of their vision and strategy
  • How managers can dial down conflict and dial up enthusiasm
  • How sales and marketing teams can be more persuasive with their customers by understand that what they're trying to sell, isn't always what customers want to buy
  • How individuals can be more e ective in framing their ideas so that they can be heard and considered

To increase your engagement capabilities after the keynote, continue the journey with Kieran’s“CommunicationsMasteryProgram” - PITCH PRESENT & PERSUADE

How Collaborative Intelligence and team design drives performance and innovation

As our work takes on increasing levels of complexity and we develop technology that facilitates hyper-connectivity - demanding ever greater transparency and accountability - so too our teams and systems need to become more connected and collaborative.

However, as teams form we experience friction points, unconscious biases, prejudices and habitual behaviors that can prevent a team performing at their best.

In this timely and inspiring presentation, Kieran Flanagan will reveal:

  • How leaders can structure their teams to drive both a shared sense of purpose and productive conflict
  • How managers can design their systems, processes and metrics to make collaboration more likely (and even fun)
  • How sales and marketing teams can adopt a more collaborative approach to cross selling by using Co-PIsTM not just KPIs
  • How individuals can achieve greater personal success through a team identity

Anchor what you’ve learned in this keynote through Kieran’s “Self-Awareness & Team Genius Program” - PERSONALITY ARCHETYPES

Watch me...

Why the brightest minds aren't always the best innovators

November 9th 2016

Blue sky thinking with your best and brightest isn't always the path to innovation breakthroughs. In this short video clip social futurist Kieran Flanagan explains why.

Why Resilience Is Not Enough

June 1st 2016

Change within our organisations is speeding up and advances in technology forbodes huge impacts to the future of work. In this video, speaker, author and educator Kieran Flanagan explains why focussing on 'resilience strategies' isn't going to be enough to see us comfortably adapt to these new times. Instead, agility beats resilience. How can we develop our people and organisations to be more agile in the face of change?

Argue And Win

October 20th 2014

Arguments are never good, right? They should be avoided at all costs, right? Absolutely not! 

The art of arguing in a constructive way defines a healthy relationship, be that romantic or professional. The key to creating an argument that leads to positive outcomes is surprisingly simple, you need to think about what the other person is trying to say and what they are hoping to achieve. Or, in other words, you need to think 'selfish'.

Selfish, Scared and Stupid

Selfish, Scared and Stupid

How can your business appeal to basic human instincts and thereby increase influence and buy-in?

Drawing on the three basic tenets of human instinct, you can stop fighting human nature and instead use the innate behaviours guaranteed by Darwinism to increase performance, engagement and influence.



The way we shift perceptions, people and products is shifting.

The rate of change in our world and our organizations is unprecedented in history. It is our capacity to understand the implications and uses of these shifts, rather than falling victim to them, that determines our success. In Shift, Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan reveal the changes and trends in our Technology and Communications, our Society and Culture, our Institutions and our Values and in the Market Place and Economy. And more importantly, where those shifts are taking us from and to.

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