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Matina Jewell

One of the most decorated women in Australian Military history, Major Matina Jewell (retired) helps leaders around the world build purpose driven teams and culture to thrive through change.

An Australian to be proud of, Matina’s unique story is one of inspiration, of authentic leadership and resilience in the face of crippling adversity and of thriving through change across a trailblazing military career.

Her keynote presentations and workshops have transformed some of the countries biggest companies, empowering leaders from all walks of life. The bestselling author of "Caught in the Crossfire", Matina has also been the subject of ABCs ‘An Australian Story’ and has served on the ANZAC Centenary Commission
 and the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council where she has given 
a voice to the rights of Veterans throughout the country. Matina’s vast experience with the military both during and after her years of service, coupled with her powerful story telling has resulted in countless standing ovations from Australia’s biggest corporations.

Audiences sit spellbound as they hear how Matina tracked down war lords, fast roped onto ships and took command, leading teams under extreme conditions under fire during the Lebanon War. With 'on-the-ground' footage from life-threatening missions bringing audiences’ into-the-moment, Matina shares an incredible journey; drawing out the lessons from her varied experience that affect long lasting change in leaders, teams and organisations, for years to come.

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Leadership lessons from the front lines of change

We all walk a tight rope every day whether it’s juggling the conflicting demands of work and home, our team and our leaders, or the needs of our customers and our staff – it’s how we handle these times that will define and ultimately determine our success.

You will be inspired, hearing how Matina cheated death, took command and demonstrated pure courage while leading her team in the most extreme of conditions — under fire during the Lebanon War.

Matina’s unique story is one of authentic leadership, of resilience in the face of crippling adversity and of thriving through change across a trailblazing military career. Using 'on-the-ground' footage from Matina's many life-threatening missions, this thought-provoking and moving presentation forces audiences to question everything they think they know. Inspiring, through self-reflection, long-lasting change. 

Key takeaways include:

  • Demonstrating leadership - even when it’s not in your job description
  • Finding a way forward in high-pressure situations
  • Leading through adversity and the benefits of facing your fears
  • Taking responsibility to empower teams and motivate others
  • Being the catalyst for teamwork and cooperation
  • The keys to creating effective communication
  • Decision-making strategies to make the best choice in high-pressure situations 

Navigating the changing landscape of business

Matina's keynote and workshops can be tailored to focus on any of these key areas. Note, all of these business messages form part of the 'Caught in the Crossfire' narrative.

Authentic Leadership

Demonstrating leadership - even when it’s not in your job description. Finding a way forward in high-pressure situations.

Change As Opportunity 

Leading through adversity. The benefits of facing fear and ‘having a go’ in changing circumstances.

Motivating Teams

Taking responsibility to motivate teams and inspire others. Being the catalyst for teamwork and cooperation.

Communicating in a Crisis 

Why it’s vital for leaders to really know and understand their teams, and to communicate with their people.

Performing Under Pressure

Thinking ‘outside the box’ and making it work. The importance of planning and practising before the crisis.

Mental Health & Awareness

Being alert to the psychological state of others. How your support could help turn a life around.

Risk Management

Risk management and decision making frameworks that allow you to act. Why no decision is sometimes the worst outcome.

Gender & Culture Issues

Tackling gender issues. Working in male-dominated environments. Addressing cultural stereotypes.

Harnessing Strengths

The skill of matching people to tasks. How to get the most out of individuals and your team as a whole.

Reaching Your Potential

 The importance of overcoming the fear of failure. Managing your emotions as a leader.

Game-changing perspective for your 'corporate battlefield'

Matina is called on to help achieve step-change for leaders and their teams, globally.

Workshop ‘Deep-Dive’ Topics:

Team Effectiveness …for immediate & long-lasting impact!

  • The importance of defining your team’s united PURPOSE
  • The key difference between WORK-GROUPS and your TEAM
  • Six critical factors that impact TEAM ENVIRONMENT
  • 10 vital elements for TEAM EFFECTIVENESS
  • War-gamed ‘ACTIONS ON’ plans are capture into workbooks for immediate impact!

Other 'Deep Dives':

  • Culture for High Performance
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Change and Resilience

‘…we got six hours content in two.’

‘…helped us recognise we need to move past operating as work-group…’

‘…have rolled-out Matina’s program through-out our divisional teams.’

Watch me...

The importance of leadership in education

October 15th 2018

The education sector is currently undergoing so much change that the environment, roles and responsibilities of teachers is also changing dramatically.

Everyone’s a leader

March 2nd 2018

Even without the title of manager, director, CEO, everyone at every level of an organisation should be thinking like a leader, a proven tactic to improve organisational outcomes.

In this enlightening video from “Courage Under Fire” author Matina Jewell, we’re told how to shift the organisational mindset to one of pervasive leadership.

What are you thankful for?

December 19th 2017

If anyone we know exemplifies the spirit of giving, it's Matina Jewell. 

Having given her all as a solider, she was then assigned a coveted post as a UN peacekeeper in an escalating conflict in Lebanon. Through injury in the line of duty, this role claimed her career as a casualty.

Matina continues to showcase the spirit of leadership and giving in her role as an ambassador for the Thankful Foundation. 

So... what are you thankful for?

Caught in the Crossfire

Caught in the Crossfire

“…truly gripping read.  You’re an inspiration.”

“…couldn’t put it down.”

“Thank-you for revealing so much of yourself.

‘Caught in the Crossfire’ is a frighteningly dramatic first-hand account of what really happens in modern warfare and the high price our soldiers pay for their country.

“Readers will travel with you through the emotional roller coaster ride – it will bring tears… but it is the triumphs that will capture hearts and minds.”
– Rear Admiral Ken Doolan AO RAN (retired), RSL National President

In an Australian first, Matina's bestselling account of her time in the Middle East has been captured and is shared using QR code technology throughout her gripping book throwing readers into the reality of combat. Click here to see some of the action in-store.

To read the prologue [free] or purchase the book, visit: //matinajewell.com/#the-book

Watch Matina on Australian Story

Watch Matina on Australian Story

'The Blue Beret' Part 1 and 2

Matina was featured in 2010 by ABC's Australian Story in a moving two part series.

"Matina Jewell accelerated through the ranks and served with distinction on challenging overseas operations.

But it wasn't until she served as a UN peacekeeper during the 2006 Lebanon conflict that she experienced the horrors of war first hand, with catastrophic consequences.

When it was over, Matina Jewell discovered the battles at home were every bit as difficult as surviving in a war zone."


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