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Peter Berner

Peter is one of Australia's sharpest comics; deftly blending political satire, contemporary commentary and razor-like insights for industry events that stand out.

Peter Berner is without doubt one of Australia's most popular and respected radio and TV presenters, MCs and comics. His intelligent humour has set him apart as one performer who can comfortably combine comedy styles as disparate as satire, observational and reactive with ease — leaving corporate audiences in hysterics.

Peter emerged as a major television talent with the 1999 creation of ABC TV's BackBerner, his satirical comedy for which he received 2 Logie nominations. He then went on to host his own radio show on Triple M, was a popular voice on Sydney’s 2UE and 702 and hosted ABC’s Einstein Factor for 5 years until 2009. Pete has appeared and performed as a headline act at major comedy venues all around the world.

His successful solo shows have received rave reviews and award nominations from some of the biggest comedy festivals. An outstanding corporate performer, Pete has worked with hundreds of Australia's leading organisations as diverse as Toyota, NAB, Microsoft, Ernst & Young and the Prime Minister and Cabinet! He is a consummate MC, creative keynote speaker, stand-up entertainer and celebrity auctioneer who tailors every engagement to absolutely electro-charge the room, in just the right ways. 

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Cementing his professionalism as a presenter, host and MC; Peter has been involved in the corporate world for more than 20 years. Having hosted events for most of Australia’s blue chip companies, Peter is an outstanding choice and “Master of Masters” of all MCs. He has a unique and natural ability to add comedic rhetoric, satire and insights to suit any audience, and tailors each event to suit the audience and industry.

His extensive of experience hosting live-to-air gives Pete the knack to read any room and deliver a polished, comfortable and enjoyable experience every time.

How to change your life and your business for just 68 cents*

Creativity is currency. In the workplace of the 21st century more and more emphasis is being put on creativity and innovation. Smart business leaders with an eye on the future are looking to leverage creativity and ‘arts based learning’ is providing gateway.

In this engaging and interactive keynote, Pete will cultivate a sense of creativity, collaboration, innovation and engagement and ready participants to fully benefit from the days' events.

Peter brings audiences back to their drawing board to;

  • Learn practical activities to bring art practice and creativity into your every day experience
  • Overcome the fear that holds many organisations and individuals back from making their mark with impact

The single easiest way to unlock creative potential is through the making a mark. What better way to begin a meeting, brainstorming session or indeed conference than to have BOTH sides of your brain engaged?

*cost of a pencil.

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Want to get productive? Start by doing nothing.

September 26th 2017

Bored yet?


You’re missing out.

I've always found boredom very productive. It can kick start a seized mind. If you are blocked up you take fibre. Believe me, when you get to my age ‘fibre’ is on your bucket list. So, think of boredom as ‘mental fibre’. Gets thing moving ‘upstairs’ again.

Make your Mark: Creativity in the Workplace

November 29th 2016

We retain 75% more information when we taking notes and are doodling during meetings! Peter Berner shares 3 great ways to make your mark and spark creativity in the workplace.

Revealing in-depth interview with Peter Berner

May 23rd 2016

Peter Berner is one of Australia's most loved comedians, broadcasters and TV hosts. He is also an extremely talented MC. After almost 20 years in the corporate world Peter engages audiences, reinforces important messages and has been the cohesive glue behind some of the countries best events, ensuring an enjoyable, seamless experience. He is also a published cartoonist. In this exclusive interview [with himself], Peter shares everything you could possibly want to know about the very funny compilation of cartoons "The Book of He".

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