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Phill Nosworthy

Phill Nosworthy is a powerful catalyst for transformation, equipping leaders and brands with insights for making life and work meaningful in times of massive change. 

Driven by digital transformation, the 4th Industrial Revolution will disrupt every industry in every country and it will happen very soon. In fact, as global speaker, brand advisor and change maker Phill Nosworthy reveals in keynote series ‘The Meaning Makers’ — it is already with us right now. 

Phill works alongside leading brands like Microsoft and Apple as a speaker, facilitator and social impact strategist. He has been described as a ‘meaning maker’, a unique professional who has mentored and coached C-suite executives, world champion athletes and globally celebrated artists and entertainers in the lifestyle of meaning.

Drawing on cutting edge research into the pursuit of meaning in modern life and from first hand insights working with Fortune 500 companies, Phill shares progressive and practical insights into the future of interactions with customers and employees as their relationships to brand and work evolve. Phill's authentic speaking style evokes complete engagement and is flecked with humour as well as compelling case studies and behavioural science research.

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Closing the 5 Gaps Between You and World Class

Through intimate conversations, and room-wide dialogue, one thing has become abundantly clear: the difference between the world’s top talent and ‘the rest of us’ is not as great as you might think.

We have identified 5 gaps that when closed, will dramatically improve the results, impact and quality of life for anyone prepared to do the work.

With this session, we aim to highlight these 5 gaps, and show with pragmatic simplicity how they can be closed in such a way that triggers growth, career acceleration and extraordinary results.

Key takeaways:

  • Getting the results that your knowledge and insights deserve
  • How to find your confidence and courage
  • How to build a career and life you're proud of
  • Learn the difference between effort and perception of effort
  • Take action on your intentions

A path to finding mastery, fulfilment and purpose at work

Drawing on exclusive interviews with notable performers, cutting edge insights from the fields of psychology and sociology along with tales from myth, the subject of meaning will be explored and distilled, offering a roadmap for how to manufacture a deep and resonant sense of meaning in one’s own life.

In brief, people are happier, healthier, more fulfilled when the following pillars of meaning are in full swing in their life and work.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about getting good at what you do and taking charge of how you do it
  • Discover the purpose in work
  • How connection and contribution are critical to our personal and professional wellbeing
  • Why challenging yourself and making an impact gives incredible results


A playbook for levelling up in work, leadership and life.

Most people never reap the rewards of living their full potential.

This series is an opportunity to help people step a little more into that potential by sharing the lessons that we’ve learnt from a decade spent teaching some of the world’s top performers at the most incredible organisations on the planet.

A guide and a playbook for the modern professional, these sessions are designed to help people to take control of their career and to make it count.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn to cultivate the critical skill of self-awareness
  • How to create routines & rituals that will improve your personal and professional performance
  • Find your internal grit and tough it out when talent isn't enough
  • Why talent stacking is the key to optimising you career trajector

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January 25th 2018

Leadership has become a tricky issue in today's purpose-connected workforce. It's no longer just about the money, even beyond the Millennial set.

So how can leaders increase performance in a purpose-driven world?

We’ve Only Told Half the Story of Purpose at Work

December 19th 2017

If I gave you a cheque with a LOT of zeros on it, would you go to work on Monday?

This is a question I’ve asked groups all around the world. It’s a question that makes HR and team leaders flinch. But it shouldn’t. In fact, it’s a deeply revealing question about the primacy of work in our lives.

Making Meaning for Millennials

October 30th 2017

Meaning is very quickly becoming the most powerful driver of engagement, fulfilment and performance in the workplace.

The movement towards meaning has been bubbling away for some time, but it’s still pretty misunderstood. A few years ago a major report from the Career Advisory Board made a couple of eye-opening findings. When asked, managers felt the most important factor for millennials was securing a high-paying job. But when that question was asked to millennials themselves - money was secondary. For millennials, meaningful work was the single most important factor in defining a successful career.

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