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Zero Friction Future

Video series from Facebook's Zero Friction Future where Anders Sorman-Nilsson and guests discuss content and its key role in the Future of Seamless CX.


Profits through purpose

Given the state of the world in which we find ourselves, it’s never been more important for companies to understand and moderate their impact on the world.

'Doing well by doing good' can be a strategy that works to drive results, not a mere cliché or buzzword - But how do we make the choice between profit and purpose?


Developing social awareness

In order to develop a proper social awareness, the mythical, cultural and geopolitical precepts should be reconsidered allowing for a new way of thinking to be untethered.

How do we break through the cultural points of view that segregate us, preventing us from the ability of holding a cohesive social conscience?


Keeping your company engaged in society

There are increasing expectations for business to be engaged in and relevant to the issues facing modern society. Consumers say they want business to take a more active stand on social issues.

So how does a business engage effectively in society and at the same time truly win more customers and talent because of it?


Fintech's culture challenge

What happens when you transplant the DNA of Silicon Valley into financial services firms?

It’s quite a big leap for a traditional HR division.


Energise Yourself To Sell

If we're going to kick start the year and kick start the team we need to make sure we're not just managing our team but we're also managing our energy. In this video-clip, 'Hall of Fame' speaker Lisa McInnes-Smith has some dynamite advice to enable sales teams.


Big Wins First

What are we prepared to give up in order to be successful? When we talk about productivity we often talk in terms of hard work and tick-box 'To Do's' required in order for us to get results. Instead, in this video-clip behavioural research and expert in human motivation Dan Gregory breaks down the practical steps you can start using tomorrow to actively achieve your most important tasks, helping you reach your goals and achieve your purpose.


Inspire and motivate your millenials

We know that the future of work is changing, and for the ellusive 'millenials' motivators that worked in the past are quickly losing power. So how do you motivate and satisfy the needs of and get the best from this creative group who are so essential in our workplaces?


What's the single biggest skill missing from organisations today?

The other day I was making my son breakfast. I was carefully assembling his preferred mix of Weet-Bix, Chia seeds, cinnamon, greek yogurt and honey. He said to me 'Daddy you're the Wheet-Bix' professor. It both took me by surprise, and made me laugh.  I guess the point my enlighted 4 year was making is that it's pretty easy to be considered a professor these days, where everyone is an expert in anything.


As leaders, how can we fight the fear in Pharma?

I have seen the constant change across the pharmaceutical industry first hand. I know that there is a great deal of fear that comes from all levels within organisations about what lies ahead. I recently presented at the Australian Pharmacy Professional conference sharing my thoughts about how leaders can face fear during periods of change. You know, we actually have a choice...


Global Digital Futurist Brian Solis Joins Ode Management

Ode Management are thrilled to welcome global sensation and digital futurist, Brian Solis to our speaker team of disruptors, thought leaders and innovators.


The surprising link between your mindset and your team's results

As leaders within our organisations, the way you think about your team literally dictates their performance. In this video speaker, change-maker and executive coach Phill Nosworthy explains how this psychological phenomenon — the Pygmalion effect — can be made to facilitate the development of limitless teams.


Energise Your Event

There's no one quite like the electro-charged Lisa McInnes-Smith. Lisa is a global speaker with over 2,000 engagements under her belt. She is an author, expert in shifting leadership performance and an absolute master of energy management - keeping it flowing and building at every event.


Motivation vs Design

In this video-clip, bestselling author, behavioral researcher and strategist Dan Gregory weighs up Motivation vs Design - Is achieving success really all about what drives us, or are the design structures we build into our lives more important?


Thank You! The Stage is Now Set for Innovation...

John Sweeney's new book The Innovative Mindset: 5 Behaviors for Accelerating Breakthroughs helps you identify what you need to do in order to become more innovative and less fearful, and assists in creating a regimen that transforms how you act.

In this video, John says 'thank you' for your collaboration on the journey, and makes a very special offer to celebrate the launch of this exciting new book.


Argue And Win

Arguments are never good, right? They should be avoided at all costs, right? Absolutely not! 

The art of arguing in a constructive way defines a healthy relationship, be that romantic or professional. The key to creating an argument that leads to positive outcomes is surprisingly simple, you need to think about what the other person is trying to say and what they are hoping to achieve. Or, in other words, you need to think 'selfish'.


Be A Negotiation Ninja

Negotiations are a frightening part of life, there are no two ways about it. Whether it's negotiating a fee with a client, haggling your worth to your boss or even standing at a check out and making a case for a refund. The uncertainty and discomfort that comes with these situations can leave us feeling weak and unsure. Below, I have outlined some very easy tools for coming across as confident and a person with authority. Remember these steps and the next time you are in a negotiation situation, you will feel less ninny and more ninja.


How To Ask For The Business

My mentor used to say to me, “Closing the business is the difference between being a good salesperson and a good conversationalist!” When you are working in the events industry you are faced with a huge amount of competition.

With the business climate as it is today, it is more important than ever that people are learning to develop their skills in closing business. So many event managers are afraid to ASK for the business. Many believe they will be seen as pushy and feel uncomfortable in asking the question. Many of us shy away from ever acknowledging the sales side of the job to begin with. This group believes that by simply “servicing” their clients, new business will take care of itself.


Who Are You Really?

My business partner Kieran Flanagan and I have recently finished writing a book about human behaviour - how we can lift our own performance, increase engagement and drive influence in our organisations, our teams and our communities.


The Three Keys To Communication

If you work in the IT & technology sector you will know first hand the difficulties faced when it comes to communicating.

You have an incredible understanding of such complex products & services that make you the best at what you do. But the problem is, to the average person, the language that you speak might as well be code!


Pharmaceutical Selling With Impact!

Having trained pharmaceutical salespeople extensively over the last ten years, I have spent a lot of time going on appointments with them.  In that time, I have seen some amazing value adding product presentations.  I have also seen salespeople who snuck up and down corridors trying to avoid the receptionist/gatekeeper who would throw them out.  


Are You Lost in Translation?

Do you find your message constantly gets lost in translation? When you are dealing with clients older than you do you see them switch off? Or maybe you are selling the latest piece of tech to the Gen Y’ers and you keep losing their business.

When selling to different ages, the key to success is anything but one size fits all. 

In this short video I’m going to outline exactly how to close the sale whether you are dealing with an old school boomer or a trendsetting gen Y’er.


Beat The Block!

You’re in a meeting with some of the big wholesale buyers of your newest business product.

It’s been a labour of love, your team has spent months perfecting the technology & positioning. You are feeling confident & prepared.

You leave the meeting & replay the positive words that were said by the client... but they don’t buy, why?


The Big Hang-Up!

My first job out of university was taking complaints for Telstra. I joined the company about a month before Optus joined the market and within 6 months of joining I had been made supervisor - such was the rate of attrition under a barrage from customers who had an alternative for the first time in Australian history.


You Are What You Think

Working in telecommunications, you engage with people on a very personal level. Your business is connecting people around the world, whether it’s for their business or for their relationships.

In this day and age we place a great deal of importance on split second connectivity, we want to send an email and we want to send it NOW. We want to call our partners & we want to do it NOW. So there is no angry customer quite like an angry telco customer.


Your Business Is Losing Its Genius

Silos – they are a part of any large corporation – and they are the enemy of innovation & creativity.

Too often, in the big telecommunications companies, you will find marketing on one floor, distribution in a different building, sales on an entirely different floor, possibly even split across different states.

And what falls down the gaps? Genius ideas, a wealth of knowledge and team morale.


The Lost Art of Downtime…

In an age where daily life is lived at breakneck speed, are we losing the ability to enjoy downtime to our own detriment?


Smartphone Etiquette

 In the ever-growing world of smartphones and smartphone users, one thing has become fairly clear: We all love our own phone, but we hate yours. A self indulgent view of life amongst mobile & social technologies.

Mobile life has become the norm, but it doesn’t mean we all have equal ideas about it.


The Banking Industry's Digital Big Bang

The topic of Digital Disruption has generated a lot of buzz in the industry because of a couple of key reasons:


How To Conquer Public Speaking

Giving a speech can be a joy or a disaster. It can make you feel ten feet tall, or that you want to disappear into the ground. It can be a humiliating, embarrassing ordeal, or an exciting, empowering and uplifting triumph in which you persuade, entertain, motivate and even move the audience.


Stop Your Mess Draining Your Dollars

As businesses, and as individuals, often we are so busy racing towards the BIG goals and changes that we forget the tiny tweaks that can dramatically increase the availability of time, and also money.


Why I Deleted Facebook

I recently took the bold step of deleting Facebook... and the experience was incredibly revealing.

Now I guess I should be clear up front. I haven't dropped out of the Facebook world entirely – doing so would spell almost certain death socially and commercially. However, a few weeks ago I did take the dramatic step of deleting the Facebook App off my smartphone and only checking my feed when on my laptop.


Why the MC can make or break an event!

As the silly season gets under way, many of us will be looking to 2014 & the next 12 months of awards nights, conferences and events.

Often, during the planning process, the question comes up 'do we need an MC?'


Increase Your Emotional Equity!

It's that time of year again. The time of year when we, as busy professionals, are divided between countless roles on a daily basis – trying to do a million things at once.

Whether you are being a leader at a tough sales meeting or entertaining at the office Christmas party, it's important to pay attention to your emotions and how they are translating to your body language.


How to DOUBLE your business network!

We are at that time of year again when our social calendar goes through the roof!

Whether it's family gatherings, or office parties, we are all going to be taking part in an endless amount of conversations with new and interesting people.

How on earth will you survive?


Dealing with RED Travellers

How do you deal with "power personalities" in the travel industry?

You know the type: powerful, controlling and with big egos, these customers have the capacity to wreak havoc for you, your colleagues and other customers.

I want to talk to you about these troublesome situations in particular.


Your Franchisor and The Digital Future

Will you be getting the best from your franchisor when it comes to communications? Today's highly digitised environment brings a different perspective to the landscape writes Anders Sorman-Nilsson. 


True Retail Colours

Why Do Customers Buy From You?


Breaking Down the E-Wall at Dare Sydney

In this short video filmed at the 2013 Dare Sydney Showcase Chris Helder discusses 'Breaking Down the E-Wall'.


Celebrating in Relationships

You only have to look at the climbing divorce rates to realise that our romantic relationships are suffering.


The Ultimate Book of Influence - A Sample Chapter

How important is face-to-face influence in a world of email, text messaging and social media? Clearly influence has changed. But is it still as important as it used to be?


How To Be More Attractive....And Aligned and Engaging

Human Resources are in the rather unenviable position of having to know quite a lot about virtually every facet of an organisation's business (even when it's not their personal remit or speciality).


HR Speak when HR Speaks

'Language is everything' says Stephen Fry, the polymath who seems to be everywhere on TV these days. He loves language – it's play, purpose, precision and plasticity. This video clip reveals Mr. Fry in full flight.


Why “Workplace Harmony” Should Come With A Warning Label

Have you ever been in a meeting where there was unanimous support for an idea or action, everyone agreed it needed to be done, it was all signed off – only to walk out of the room and hear murmurs of disagreement, discontent and comments like ‘it’ll never work’, made by the very same people who just publicly threw their support behind the idea?


Work-life balance and taking care of the Canary

In a recent closing keynote, in front of a large group of HR professionals in the Telecommunications Industry, I sought to provoke those assembled with a few challenges. Following are a few of those things that still stand out for me today.


Unleashing Collaboration

As a Telecommunications company you already pride yourself, on connecting people so that they can communicate more effectively, but are you tapping into the wisdom that can be found within your organisations network. In this video Dom Thurbon, discusses how to use social networks internally to increase communication, team work and the overall performance of your organisation.


Breaking down the E-Wall

Because the digital age has created a virtual electronic wall (E-WALL) in which our clients can now hide behind, the pattern of communication has become less about face to face. It is acceptable to do business via e-mail. We all need to embrace the digital age as it has provided our world with an unprecedented level of access to communication at the touch of a button, but face to face selling skills have not become redundant. In fact they are more important than ever if we are to learn how to BREAK DOWN THE E-WALL. This is about selling in the new reality.


Just Slide to Power Off….

I was chatting with the fellow presenter at a conference in Singapore a few weeks ago about mobile phones and mobile devices and he said, “It’s used to be my barometer of interest…” As he presents he noticed when and where people reach for their phones and devices during his presentation because, as he described it, “it’s where the choice of the participant became ‘pay attention to the speaker’ or ‘pay attention to my device’ kicked and I would watch their attention tilt away from me to their damn devices.”


The Importance of The Local in Global

My Futurist Question Remains…..

The question is whether the entry and cementation of digital natives in the workforce will change the importance of local connections. Some believe it will. And the reason for this is digital collaboration. There is currently millions of people online, playing and collaborating on multi-player platforms like World of Warcraft, and they are creating new types of behaviours, leadership skills, and communication efficiencies.


Communicating Isn’t that Simple

One might be tempted to assume that anyone who works in telecommunications is a pretty good communicator because, after all, that is what you do; you help people communicate. But communication – even before Wi-Fi, twitter and smartphones- has never been simple.

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