How To Survive The HR Rollercoaster

A day in the life of a HR professional is often like a roller coaster ride, it can be stressful, hugely demanding and at the same time incredibly rewarding. One thing you can guarantee is that no one day is the same. One minute they can be dealing with a stressful dismissal and then suddenly they have to think strategically and make a decision that will deeply affect the business. In response to this pressure some HR professionals thrive, while others don’t get anywhere near their potential.


How Good Is Your 'Good Deed' Really?

Selfish is hard to resist

As part of my work as a speaker on human behaviour, I'm constantly teaching those in the HR industry how to use our key human drivers to do better business. One of the key drivers, our biggest motivator as human beings is self interest. Which doesn't seem like a good thing does it? But once we get that, as leaders and professionals in HR, we can actually use this knowledge to do a lot of good.


How To Market Like A Thought Leader

Thought Leadership Marketing, the strategy of creating informative and interesting content to better engage customers and drive loyalty has quickly moved from a niche term to a 'must have' strategy for both B2B and B2C companies.

In fact, latest studies show that incorporating thought leadership marketing into their broader strategy is now the top priority for marketing professionals (34.8% of respondents) up from 18.9%. According to another study, 91% of B2B marketers now use thought leadership marketing.


Your Business, Your Amazon

Yossi Ghinsberg is one of the worlds most loved and respected speakers, he teaches audiences how to tap into their survival instincts in order to over come challenges in the corporate world, using his incredible story of loss and adventure in the Amazon

Here he gives us a sneak peak into his incredible true story. 

Don’t let go of the raft! I told myself as the undertow dragged the raft along rapidly below the surface. The pressure on my lung became unbearable.


The Leader Shift

As a leader, you have the capacity to empower. You have the capacity to empower your staff, your colleagues and yourself says Lisa McInnes-Smith.

Yet so often true leadership falls by the wayside as deadlines & budgets take over. This needs to change, we need a shift, a leader shift.

And to support you in your quest to become the best you can be, you can learn to unlock your leadership potential with a one on one coaching session with Lisa McInnes-Smith.

Lisa is giving away a tailored coaching session to anyone who confirms an event with her before 31st January 2014. This session can be redeemed by you or any member of your team!


Digital Darwinism - is your brand evolving?

Is your business adapting to the Digilogue?

In this sensational video futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson discusses Digital Darwinism, the core truth of how businesses need to relate to real people in today's digital world.


Stop Thinking and Start Acting: Seven Tips for Making Executive Decisions

There's an image making the rounds on the Internet titled "Executive Decision Making System." It shows a picture of both faces of a penny, heads labeled "Yes" and tails labeled "No." From an outside perspective, that may seem hilariously true—and as a leader yourself, you've probably run into cases where you'd prefer to just flip a coin to settle something, rather than wade through all the pros and cons.


Who Do You Want Your People To Be?

We, as leaders, spend an inordinate amount of time instructing our people on how we want them to behave - using codes of conduct and workplace instructions, on what we want them to do - in terms of processes and with training modules and of course, what we want them to achieve - by outlining their KPIs and conducting yearly, biannual or quarterly reviews depending on just how controlling our own personality tends to be.


The Fastest Way to Grow Your Business

Sometimes we make business far harder than it is.


Dealing with Generation High Maintenance

Having grown up in the era of self esteem, today's young employees have been inundated with extrinsic positive affirmation their whole lives. This has often resulted in them needing constant praise and validation from employers and managers.

In this short video, Michael McQueen explores some of the challenges and implications of dealing with 'high maintenance' young people while outlining strategies for responding to them effectively.


The Critical Role of HR in Building Sustainable Companies

Sustainability is firmly on the CEO and leadership agenda today for two big reasons: (1) It pays and (2) there's no other choice. But it also needs to be on the HR executive's agenda – without HR support and leadership, companies won't create as much value as they could.


HR Speak when HR Speaks

'Language is everything' says Stephen Fry, the polymath who seems to be everywhere on TV these days. He loves language – it's play, purpose, precision and plasticity. This video clip reveals Mr. Fry in full flight.


Edge Moments

Most leaders want to lead. They really do. They put in enormous time, energy and effort strategizing, planning and prioritising. They arrive in the office early, leave late, often miss lunch, all in a genuine attempt to show leadership. They attend dozens of training courses and programs to develop the skills that will allow them to create and implement visions, wrangle a budget, critically evaluate data, lead people, liaise with suppliers, negotiate contracts, assess risk, innovate, steer through a crisis …the list is endless.


Big Leadership in Small Moments

How do you ensure your team gets through 2013 stronger than ever before?

Whilst the new year brings new beginnings, business in 2013 is still faced with a slow recovery in terms of the economy.

As a result of this resources are tight and budget allocated to motivating staff have been cut in half. Sustaining employee engagement and enthusiasm will be more important than ever.

How will you as a leader go about ensuring your team gets through 2013 stronger than ever before? Leadership speaker Rachael Robertson believes It’s the small things that will make all the difference in 2013.


That’s why you’re paid the big bucks!

Ever heard this statement? I have. More times than I care to remember and it was usually at a time where I was being asked to make an important decision on the spot; without the data, background and information necessary to make an intelligent choice.

"But that's why you're paid the big bucks.."


Do you need a golden carrot to motivate your sales team?

“We’re out of carrots.” Normally, this isn’t a dramatic event however when you’re living in Antarctica for a year and the next re-supply of food is 8 months away it’s certainly problematic.

Carrots are big business in Antarctica. We had 2 types of carrots: the garden-variety vegetable type, and the “golden” carrot – the incentives, rewards and motivators I used to keep my team strong and resilient through the tough Antarctic winter.


Focus on Colin James - a fresh lens on the culture of business

Colin James represents a refreshing challenge to the mantra of leadership, instead encouraging us to look to Followership as a means to being a better leader.

Colin uses a mix of energetic storytelling, humour and cartooning during presentations, all intended to disarm and distract you until the point of his message arrives.


Is your leadership lacking inspiration?

A leader who can inspire and motivate their team is more important now than ever. Yet recent Randstad research shows the gap between what we need from our leaders and what they’re delivering. So what’s going on beneath the surface? And how do you avoid hitting this human capital iceberg?

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