The importance of leadership in education

The education sector is currently undergoing so much change that the environment, roles and responsibilities of teachers is also changing dramatically.


Everyone’s a leader

Even without the title of manager, director, CEO, everyone at every level of an organisation should be thinking like a leader, a proven tactic to improve organisational outcomes.

In this enlightening video from “Courage Under Fire” author Matina Jewell, we’re told how to shift the organisational mindset to one of pervasive leadership.


The Financial Services Battlefield

It's time for lenders to face their fears. It's a battlefield out there for lenders, where leadership and courage must go hand in hand for previously unassailable institutions to survive.

Matina Jewell outlines what's required of true leadership to face the challenges of the 21st century - and they're not that different from what's required of combat leadership.


As leaders, how can we fight the fear in Pharma?

I have seen the constant change across the pharmaceutical industry first hand. I know that there is a great deal of fear that comes from all levels within organisations about what lies ahead. I recently presented at the Australian Pharmacy Professional conference sharing my thoughts about how leaders can face fear during periods of change. You know, we actually have a choice...


ANZAC DAY - Remembering Them

As an Australian Army veteran and as a member of the 2014-18 ANZAC Centenary Commission, let me share why ANZAC Day is such an important commemoration and why it is important to me.


Survive And Thrive In Finance

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of ANZAC, 100 years since our troops landed on the shores of Gallipoli.  Matina Jewell served as one of six Commissioners on the ANZAC Centenary Commission alongside former Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and Malcolm Fraser.  In a 100 second interview we ask Matina her thoughts on the ever changing world of finance.


Sneak Peak - 'Caught In The Crossfire'

 Unarmed Sitting Ducks

Knowing what's coming, I put on my sky-blue UN armored vest and helmet. My team-mates laugh and joke about how cute I look in my little blue armored suit. But after the first 1000-pound aerial bomb hits a nearby town seconds later, smashing buildings apart, the mockers scramble for their own flak jackets and helmets.


Sales Resilience

Sales? I don't like having to 'make the sale'.  I loathe it.  The very thought makes me uncomfortable.   There’s only one thing worse for me… having to ask for payment.  Even when it’s a legitimate request!  I'd rather track militia leaders in the Solomon Islands or board smuggler ships in the Arabian Gulf, than ask for payment.


Woman Power!

When your office is a war zone, leadership and teamwork skills can save your life. Here, peacekeeper, survivor and all-around war heroine Matina Jewell speaks with Latte Magazine about learning to fight back through the toughest environment on earth.

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