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What does the Future of Payments Commerce look like? Might it be #Seamless?

Are Australians willing to embrace biometrics, retina scans, and seamless payments in the future of retail & commerce? Tune into #futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson's futurist musings as he is interviewed on Sky News Business' #TechnologyBehindBusiness


The Millennial Megatrends Scaring C-Suite

There's an emerging megatrend that's scaring executives the world over. Millennials are upending business-as-usual, demanding that organisations re-shape their DNA to compete for this ever-growing market segment.


Surviving the Retail Suicide Mission

"Life is short, and people’s attention spans are even shorter. Your brand DNA is your story." This was Johnny Earle's advice at HubSpot's Inbound conference late last month. And as the crown-prince of turning a short attention span into a retail empire... he'd know!


Energise Yourself To Sell

If we're going to kick start the year and kick start the team we need to make sure we're not just managing our team but we're also managing our energy. In this video-clip, 'Hall of Fame' speaker Lisa McInnes-Smith has some dynamite advice to enable sales teams.


Inspire and motivate your millenials

We know that the future of work is changing, and for the ellusive 'millenials' motivators that worked in the past are quickly losing power. So how do you motivate and satisfy the needs of and get the best from this creative group who are so essential in our workplaces?


New Book Innovation Wars. The Pre-Order Has Begun.

To respond to the ever growing demand amongst my clients, I'm launching my new book Innovation Wars, with the pre-orders starting on May 2nd. After the success of my previous book Mobile Ready, I've chosen to partner with Publishizer to build the support to produce an amazing innovation tool. You can pre-order the book here.


Strategies For Retail And Consumer Goods

The Big Pivot: Product and Service Innovation for an Unpredictable, Expensive and Connected World

Based on his new book, The Big Pivot, Andrew Winston, a globally recognized speaker and business strategy expert, lays out a new vision for business in a fundamentally changed world.  Some critical mega-trends are changing “business as usual”: deep demographic shifts, resource constraints (that raise prices for nearly every input into the economy), and, most importantly, radical transparency driven by big data and new technologies that connect us all – consumers and retailers can now ask and answer a range of questions about every product, where it came from, who made it, and how big an impact it has on the world.


The 1% Changes To MAKE Your Business

An excerpt from her soon-to-be released book, Turning Clients into Advocates, Amanda Stevens brings us 7 key ways to engage your customers and turn them into brand advocates.

Technology is rapidly changing the way we do business. It’s shifting the way we communicate, the way we travel and the way brands are marketed. It’s dramatically altering the way today’s consumer interacts with their favourite brands, the way they shop and the way they form brand loyalty. 


How to Stage a Grander Opening

Don't just open for business. Throw a party your customers will remember.

Pick An Optimal Time

Weekends and evenings are best, because people don't have to rush from work. Don't open your doors at the same hour as everyone else. On weekends, wait until early afternoon. That gives you greater opportunity to pass out fliers and stir excitement on the street. Also, fewer hours adds a kind of limited-edition urgency to the experience.

Read the rest on


Technology That Hugs

Nike’s recent withdrawal from the fitness band market has raised some significant questions regarding the future direction of wearable technology.

Although the size of the market is predicted to grow exponentially by most industry experts such as Credit Suisse, which predicts the market to increase five-fold to $50 billion by 2017 and wearable technology appears to have already reached a high level of awareness amongst consumers.


What Your Purchases Say About You

There’s no doubt about it, with $32bn expected to be ringing through the tills by Christmas, we sure know how to buy!

Whether it’s gifts for loved ones, treats for the Christmas table, or something special for ourselves – why we buy what we buy is the billion dollar question retailers puzzle over each year.


Retail's Three Buckets

What are the game-changers in your business? The three things that, if implemented now, would have the biggest impact in the shortest time?

These are your three buckets, the 20% of your business where you need to spend 80% of your time. 

In this exclusive video for ODE, Laura Stack speaks to leaders in the retail industry about how to turn strategy into performance. She discusses spending time in the three buckets, focusing in the gaps, and training your replacement.


Creating the collaborative retail experience

Brett King has unraveled the secrets of marketing to Gen M, the 'multi-tasking generation'.

Already a force to be reckoned with and driving unprecedented change in the banking industry, Brett knows how the psychology of buying is changing now that the digital natives have come of age.

This is a new generation. One that no longer needs or wants direct interaction with a brand - traditional marketing doesn't work and they are pathologically adverse to being marketed at.

It's no longer about storefront vs ecommerce, it's about more than having a Facebook page. To survive your business needs to understand how Gen M connect to the world around them and how they experience retail - and more importantly how the retail experience needs to become almost entirely disconnected from the traditional model of sales marketing.

In this disturbing and insightful piece for The Huffington Post, Brett King outlines the changes that are happening in a Gen M dominated retail world, and how you can get on board.

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One simple trick to increased influence in retail

Chris Helder is one of the world's leading experts on influence - and how you can use it in day to day life to improve your business.

In this episode of Chris' Tools of Influence eVideo series, available via your ODE Management consultant, you'll learn an incredible technique perfect for managers and salespeople who need others to take action!


Are you close enough to your customers?

This week a major milestone was achieved by Tesla, the electric car company.

In California, they became the third biggest selling luxury car, behind only the Mercedes E Class and the BMW 5 Series.

That's an extraordinary achievement for a brand that didn't even exist a few years ago.

How did they do it?


Reviving retail – how smart retail brands are winning in the digital age

It is harder to make a dollar in retail today than ever before. Recent years have seen the retail sector buffeted by a series of fierce and disruptive headwinds.

Indicative of this fact, consider the raft of retail brands such as Payless Shoes and Borders that have had little alternative than to file for bankruptcy as the going has gotten tough.

While a combination of factors have contributed to the woes of retailers, it is perhaps the ever-growing threat of technology and online competition that has had the greatest impact.


How Walmart's Green Performance Reviews Will Change Retail for Good

The pressure on Walmart's suppliers to green their operations is rising. Walmart's procurement managers, also called merchants, are now being incentivized to choose greener options, with sustainability playing an increasing role in their performance reviews (which help determine pay raises and potential for future promotion).

This is a big deal: these merchants are high-level managers responsible for multibillion-dollar buying decisions. They're the people who determine which products appear on the shelves of the world's largest retailer.


True Retail Colours

Why Do Customers Buy From You?


3 Ways To Improve Your Retail Website Sales.

We've all heard that the future of retail will be e-commerce, but the sad truth about most websites is that they don't bring in many sales.


How Walmart's Green Performance Reviews Could Change Retail for Good

Walmart's efforts to green its supply chain are about to get much more effective. Sustainability will now play a role in its merchants' performance reviews, which help determine pay raises and potential for future promotion. This is a big deal: these merchants are high-level managers responsible for multibillion-dollar buying decisions. They're the people who determine which products appear on the shelves of the world's largest retailer.


Mobile Payments - What does this mean for Retail?

There are those that will tell you it will be many years before mobile payments is mainstream. You'll hear figures like 2014, 2016 or even later bandied around as to when mobile payments will hit mass adoption. However, I believe the primary measure to focus on when looking at these sorts of predictions is first and foremost exhibited customer behavior – the predilection to a shift in the way they pay, bank, purchase or shop.


Future Of Retail

In this profile on the future of retail and consumer innovations, author and futurist Mike Walsh talks about the influence of social media on consumer behavior. He uses real-life examples like Japan's Tokyo Girls collection, which enables attendees to use their cell phones to scan the dresses they see and instantly order them. This segment appeared on Carte Blanche, a South African TV current affairs program.


Reviving Retail – How Smart Retail Brands Are Winning In The Digital Age

It is harder make a buck in retail today than ever before. Recent years have seen the retail sector buffeted by a series of fierce and disruptive headwinds.


The End Of 'Product Real Estate'

It's almost become cliche to observe that the retail sector is in trouble. However, virtually every industry is having to reinvent itself and innovate to stay relevant in a world with changing market dynamics, models of communication and delivery as well as tastes and values.


The Fastest Way to Grow Your Business

Sometimes we make business far harder than it is.


The Death of the Gatekeeper

2013 will be looked back on as the year that marked the Death of the Gatekeeper. Known technically as ‘disintermediation’, recent years have seen the viability and necessity of middlemen significantly eroded – an erosion that will gather pace in the coming 12 months.

From travel agents to financial planners and stockbrokers, modern technologies and the Internet in particular have seen a profound change in the nature of distribution. The gates have been blown wide open – consumers can now connect directly with service providers and have access to ample information with which they can make intelligent buying decisions.


Mobile at PoS & Advertising at point of sale will change advertising as we know it

In Wikipedia, the universal arbiter of debates on definition or trivia, "Advertising" is defined as follows: a form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience to continue or take some new action.

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