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Why your office setup is killing your productivity

The modern office environment seems almost purpose-built to destroy productivity. It’s the co-worker stopping by your desk with a quick question, the endless meetings and memos, the conversation between colleagues within earshot you simply can’t help but tune into.


QUIZ: Measure your Momentum MOJO!

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In Need Of A Eureka Moment?

It's 6.30pm. You’re completely exhausted. You barely notice the other people on the bus as you drift off into your own world. If you close your eyes for a moment, you’ll probably fall asleep. The headlights of the passing cars refract through the raindrops that are trickling down the window next to you. And that’s when it happens. Pure genius - only in hindsight it’s actually obvious. That solution to the problem you’ve been trying to solve since 2pm when you got back from a late lunch break. You feel a sudden burst of energy mixed with more than a little bit of relief. You write down this amazing idea in your diary, smile, and settle in for the trip home.


The Ultimate Event Playlist

There are many many elements that make up a brilliant event - great catering, the perfect Ode speaker, but once you've got all that in the bag the only thing left is the music!


Are You Happy?

There is a lot of talk around what our individual 'end goals' are, more and more we are being asked to quantify our happiness levels in order to make sure we are on track towards our idea of the perfect life.


How To Survive The HR Rollercoaster

A day in the life of a HR professional is often like a roller coaster ride, it can be stressful, hugely demanding and at the same time incredibly rewarding. One thing you can guarantee is that no one day is the same. One minute they can be dealing with a stressful dismissal and then suddenly they have to think strategically and make a decision that will deeply affect the business. In response to this pressure some HR professionals thrive, while others don’t get anywhere near their potential.


How To Beat Your Screen Addiction

If they aren't in our hands, or in our pockets, they are under our pillows or infront of our faces.

Screen time - we dedicate more of our life to looking at laptops and phones than we do exercising or hanging out with loved ones and it's becoming a very worrying trend. We now have 12 month olds knowing their way around iPads before they learn to count, and when the sun is out valuable play time is being missed.


How To Power Down In A Tech World

Technology is taking over the world! No this isn’t some doomsday naysayer trying to convince you that your children are robots – it’s simply fact.

Where we once used to put pen to paper, we now put fingers to keyboard or voice to iphone.

We all know the feeling of having a full on workday where we quietly say to ourselves ‘If I have to deal with one more angry customer, broken bone, cup of coffee today I will scream’.


Why Are You Doubting Yourself?

Have you ever heard your internal voice filled with doubt, or had a vicious critic inside your head? You’re not alone! These voices, as well as the internal dialogue of anxiety and fear is what can crush or block so many people and… if you let them win…will stop you from doing what you know is needed to be successful.


10 Steps to a Full 8 Hours

I speak a lot on the importance of finding the third space to help busy people cope with the crazy transitions life throws at you, but we seem to be missing out on the most important third space of all…sleep!

It is estimated that 60% of people in Western society have some sort of sleep problem. This is a significant issue considering that a poor night sleep can reduce your cognitive function the next day by 30%. 

However, a lack of sleep or poor quality sleep may have a bigger impact on us than simply just being tired. Research out of the US has shown that people who have reduced sleep tend to be more overweight than people with a normal sleep pattern. 


3 things To Take Away From Sochi

If you were watching the Winter Olympics closely, you’ll have noticed that many of the medal winners are using special mental rituals to maximize their performance.

In any one day of working in the telco sector you will most likely be faced with a high workload, a multitude of meetings with varying departments and an expectation that you are constantly 'on'. Many of these same techniques from Sochi can be used by those working in this space to improve their results.


The Danger Of Routines

First the good news. Routines and habits are a useful and essential part of running a successful business, and indeed a successful life. Routines bring order to chaos. When you are so busy that you don’t know what day it is, so tired that you’re chugging down double short blacks like they’re ice-cold lemonade on a hot day, and so stressed that you’re having five minute conversations with people and then walking away with no idea what it was that they said, it is of some comfort to at least be able to sit at the same desk, drink from the same coffee mug and go to the same place to buy lunch. When you impose structure upon your work day you feel more organised and in control.


3 Steps To Better Focus

What makes a high performer? Why do some people achieve greatness and others get left floundering behind?


What Makes Us Happy At Work?

Do you know why the vast majority of people leave their jobs? Many of you will be thinking money or perhaps long hours, or perhaps boredom. But none of these valid reasons play as big a part in driving someone from their job as a sense of not being valued.


Agility - The New Competitive Advantage

Agility - the new competitive advantage in peak performance.

As we kick off the new year the pace and ferocity of the finance industry really picks up.

Clients become more stressed and demanding and their exhaustion and frustration is pointed directly at you.


My Analogue Heart

Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a Sydney-based global futurist and innovation strategist whose clients include Apple, Johnson & Johnson, and the Commonwealth Bank, as well as his mum's local bricks and mortar menswear shop in Sweden.

In this insightful excerpt from his new book 'Digilogue' Anders reminds us that whilst the world is going tech crazy, there is still very much a place for the traditional; from the analogue Christmas card to the time spent creating a holiday feast. The perfect balance between the past and future is where enduring businesses & brands will prosper.

As a special offer to celebrate the close of 2013, when you confirm Anders to speak at a conference or event before 31st January 2014, you will receive 50 copies of his book 'Digilogue: How to Win the Digital Minds and Analogue Hearts of Tomorrow's Customer' complimentary.


Stress – 3 Ways to Survive!

After becoming separated from his friends in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, Yossi Ghinsberg survived three harrowing weeks in one of the worlds' most dangerous environments.

It was this experience that has lead Yossi on a journey of self-discovery that has seen him captivate hundreds of thousands of people across the world with his tales of strength, collaboration and above all, our innate power to survive.

In this heartfelt article, Yossi asks us to call upon our animal instincts to survive the everyday stresses that plague us at this busy time of year.


Finding the Third Space Between Check-In & Touch Down

Travel can be a stressful process, for both your colleagues in the travel industry and also your consumer. Picture this, your customer has made it to the airport by the skin of their teeth thanks some cabby’s blatant disregard for the rules of the road and now somehow they’ve survived the briskest body search of their life through security.

Whilst this may paint a rather funny picture, it's not exactly conducive to bringing your A-game to that all-important meeting.


Walking the Tightrope

I realize all you young go-getters would work 25/8 if possible.

You know who you are. Full of fire and passion to make your startup a success, allowing the business to consume all your time and feeling invincible enough that nothing so mundane as sickness would ever hold you back.


However, heed this advice from a 20-year business veteran who has learned the hard lessons from helping teams all over the world. 


Celebrating in Relationships

You only have to look at the climbing divorce rates to realise that our romantic relationships are suffering.


Work-life balance and taking care of the Canary

In a recent closing keynote, in front of a large group of HR professionals in the Telecommunications Industry, I sought to provoke those assembled with a few challenges. Following are a few of those things that still stand out for me today.


The Billionaire Teacher

I recently presented at the world congress for Human Resources (Horizon put on by AHRI). The starting keynote was by Steve Wozniack, the co-founder of apple computers. What an impressive guy. Not only did he single handedly design the first personal computer, he was also involved in the design of the calculator and GPS technology. You could say that he has been one of the most influencial people of his generation. However there were two things about him that stood out the most.

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