Stephen Koukoulas
February 8th 2022

Stephen Koukoulas dives into the heart of policy reforms and their application in closing pay gaps between men and women. He explores key economic issues such as superannuation, childcare, education and training.

There is a need for economic policies that increase pay rates and balance pay rates for roles filed by both men and women. Stephen Koukoulas also calls for the increase in superannuation, and the provision of childcare support.

Dr. Catriona Wallace
February 8th 2022

Dr Catriona Wallace explores the intersection between artificial intelligence and minority groups, including women. She recognizes the need for women to break into traditionally male-dominated spaces such as artificial intelligence, and the AI economic growth in the tech world.

She discusses how the inclusion of women and minorities can reduce biases in data sets, and recalibrate the scales of industry.

Lisa McInnes-Smith
February 8th 2022

Lisa McInnes-Smith explores bias in the community and proposes that we explore the biases we speak in everyday language and the stereotypes we attach to gender. Her conversation challenges us to transform our thinking by identifying where the problems are. Lisa's specialty is to demonstrate with reason, humour, and real-life examples how to make people feel included and break the biases around you.

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