The Future of Privacy and Security

February 16th 2020

In this keynote speech, Shara goes a bit dark side — talking about security and privacy: and it can get a little bit scary when describing the things that can go wrong, and in some cases how technologies and people’s trust have already been weaponised.

As a technology futurist, Shara spends a lot of her time speaking to audiences about the ways that technologies can be used for innovation in all kinds of vertical industries. Just as importantly, she also talks about the dark side of technology and what can go wrong with respect to cybersecurity and privacy.

Shara’s purpose in talking about the things that can go wrong with technology is to educate delegates so they can take measures to prevent disasters from happening in the first place. In fact, her number one goal with this speech about the “Future of Privacy and Security” is to alert you to what can happen, so that you can be empowered to ensure that it does not happen in your organisation. And, also to alert organisations, governments and regulators to legal areas that have yet to catch up to our current technological capabilities — as well as provide a futurist’s perspective on new areas that such as AI + Ethics, Brain Machine Interfaces and other technologies that are not even contemplated by today’s legislative framework.

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