The Ultimate Event Playlist

There are many many elements that make up a brilliant event - great catering, the perfect Ode speaker, but once you've got all that in the bag the only thing left is the music!

After many years of perfecting our showcases we've found that nothing gets an audience pumped more than some classic inspirational music - not even coffee (although that's important too at 6am).

So please use our event playlist next time you are looking to get a crowd excited, whether it's at a corporate event or a dinner party with your friends - we hope it makes you smile and that you enjoy listening as much as we've enjoyed making it! 

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ODE Management is a direct management office for some of the world's greatest disruptors, innovators and thought leaders. The speakers we represent are the best in their fields, each making a global impact due to their passion, experiences or downright audacious insights into the world.

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