Think You Aren't In Sales?

It’s okay…we all are.  It’s about influence!

In a word association exercise, the term “sales” would receive responses such as “Sleazy” & “Untrustworthy”. We hear the term “salesperson” and think of car yards & door to door nuisance callers. And yet, selling remains one of our oldest and most common vocations. There are elements of sales in our work and everyday life. If you’re in the dating game, then essentially you are selling yourself. If you’re mingling with friends at a pub, then you are selling yourself.

Technology may change how we go about our approach to selling, but the fundamental techniques stay the same. You have something that someone needs, you have placed a value on that something, and you clearly convey the reasons as to why your something is going to be valuable to someone else. That is a classic simplification, of course there are many other elements to successful selling, but let’s call it the “core”.

So how do we change the perception of sales and the image of the sleazy salesperson? How do we turn selling into something that you can be proud of when you’re telling someone your profession at a party? Not easy, but by understanding how much selling we do in our daily life, then you can be confident in knowing that EVERYONE sells, and you are the master of the most profound vocation in the Universe. 

I choose to adapt my selling techniques to all aspects of my life, both personal and work. It becomes a part of me, whether I’m purchasing a new item for the household, or interacting with a group of friends. Selling is the way I influence and engage with those in my life, and in essence, to get what I want and what I need. In our workplace, one of the more difficult challenges we face, is getting face to face with the decision maker. I’ve touched on this previously in my Ultimate Book of Influence, when talking about the “e-wall” and playing “e-pong”, which is the method used by many to hide behind the use of technology. I like to adapt a saying I heard when watching a game of Rugby Union recently. When preparing for a “scrum”, I heard the referee say “Touch, pause, engage”. I loved the way that nearly 2 tonnes of powerful human beings would push together after these simple three words. When thinking about our daily interactions in social and workplace scenarios, I began to say in my head “Meet, Engage, Influence” and imagine the same powerful impact following these three words.

Meet with the right person, whether decision maker or influencer (adapting techniques around the e-wall concept)

Engage with this person – reading & matching body language, looking to make this person feel comfortable in your presence and finding common ground

Influence this person – clearly convey your key selling points, and show this person why they must choose to purchase your service or product over others

It’s no different in a social setting than in your workplace. It’s simply a different product.

Meet, engage, influence – BOOM!

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Think You Aren't In Sales?

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