The Three Keys To Communication

If you work in the IT & technology sector you will know first hand the difficulties faced when it comes to communicating.

You have an incredible understanding of such complex products & services that make you the best at what you do. But the problem is, to the average person, the language that you speak might as well be code!

As someone who subscribes to the technological school of ‘turn it off then on and hope for the best’ I can see the frustration that must come from dealing with those that don’t understand language that is second nature to you.

Couple this with the fact that within any technology company you can have baby boomers being managed by Gen Y’s , Gen X’ers problem solving for boomers and so on and you’ve got a lot of room for misunderstandings.

I speak a lot on how to communicate with an influence others and so I’ve put together a few tips on how to smooth the lines of communication in this dynamic industry:

  • Recognise the differences in the generations

You can never over estimate the impact our upbringing has on how we communicate.

If you are speaking to a baby boomer make sure you are polite, respectful and open to advice.

When speaking to the Gen X’ers listen to the stories they tell, show your respect by praising them.

If you are dealing with a Gen Y then they expect you to be a total expert, so make sure you know your stuff.

  • Understand body language

Most of us can read tone but when it comes to body language we often have no clue.

A few things to look out for, if they are leaning their head heavily on their hand they have switched off. If they are turning their lower body away from you, you have lost them. When these signs arise the key is to ask them a question, which will keep channels of communication open!

  • Because is better than Why

Often when we want to know something we ask ‘why’, “I turned my pc off” “why?” / “I don’t feel comfortable with this product” , “why?” Why is a black hole, it’s daunting & it causes others to close up.  Instead try ‘because’…“I don’t feel comfortable with this product” , “and that is because…” it subconsciously puts others at ease & you will get a much more considered answer.

For further information on the tools I teach my corporate audiences do get in touch with my management team, but in the mean time try putting these tips into practice.

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The Three Keys To Communication

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