To Give is to Live

Giving is a paramount action to feeling human.

When your action can alter another person's emotions in a positive way, it's the best type of magic.

Although there are many ways to give. I thought I'd share a few first hand examples to give you inspiration.

Surprise & Delight: Leading up to Christmas, in conversation, I would ask my employees random nostalgic questions about their favorite holiday memories and childhood toys. Little did they know, I was taking notes and secretly scouring the internet to find those vintage toys. As Christmas approached, their eyes were as big as saucers!

*Pro Tip: Listen to your team, clients, family, and friends closely. Throughout the year, keep organized notes in your phone where you can log the things that bring people joy.

Reactive Teamwork: As a team, multiple times each month, we work with charities, both locally and across the way. Awakening to the havoc in which tropical storm Harvey brought to parts of Texas, we felt that there had to have been something we could do quickly. In just a few hours, with teamwork, we launched a pre-order for a Johnny Cupcakes Texas Tough t-shirt.

Utilizing our worldwide community of customers, we were able to band together to raise awareness and relief funds. More than $20,000 was raised and 100% of proceeds were donated to organizations such as, The Houston Food Bank, Port Aransas Community Relief, and The Salvation Army.

*Pro Tip: Use your resources to give back when you can. This could be through volunteering your time, donating product / service, or raising funds in unique ways. This will give you and your team more purpose and meaning.

Customer Appreciation: Often times when I travel, I will utilize my social media in Willy Wonka-like ways. Usually this will be a way to give back to my customers. "Show up at this ice cream shop wearing your Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt, and I will personally treat you to ice cream!"

Hundreds of customers showed up, and I scooped ice cream for every last one of them. It wasn't about the ice cream to them, it was about the connection. They were appreciative of me hanging out and thanking them. This wasn't a marketing idea, it was just the way my parents raised me.

*Pro Tip: If you want customer loyalty, you must be loyal to your customers. This could be as simple as treating them to ice cream, making a personalized silly thank you video, or if time and money are tight, try throwing a small event while utilizing your own space.


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To Give is to Live

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