To You, Love Johnny... #IASB2015

After the craziness of the IASB event in New Orleans I wanted to send you a personal message with some key takeaways and ideas from my keynote!

 You will remember that I firmly believe that it's the experience that counts when it comes to creating brand loyalty, I want all of my customers to feel like it's their birthday when they buy one of my shirts. And whether you are in the business of T-Shirts or mortgages, or bureaus, you can replicate this belief with a little creativity.

In this short video I'm going to talk to you about the ways my brand lives this and show you a little more about what we do at the store in Boston - I'll also give you an understanding of how my message can be applied to your sales, finance and leadership clients.

I really hope we get to work together in the not too distant future and thanks for coming to see me in action!

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