February 8th 2022

Dr Catriona Wallace explores the intersection between artificial intelligence and minority groups, including women. She recognizes the need for women to break into traditionally male-dominated spaces such as artificial intelligence, and the AI economic growth in the tech world.

She discusses how the inclusion of women and minorities can reduce biases in data sets, and recalibrate the scales of industry.

February 8th 2022

Pauline Nguyen critically addresses separatism. Pauline believes that we cannot fight separatism with separatism. The future does not resemble the past, and for Pauline, it’s critical for individuals to avoid confinement to the past. She calls for organizations and individuals to embrace oneness to fight bias, and offers solutions for a wholesome future.

May 7th 2019

Artificial Intelligence is regarded as the most powerful transformation to affect business and society since the invention of electricity - and is now in reach of the Board and Executive team.

So how should our business leaders consider the ethical challenges that A.I. presents?

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