Walking the Tightrope

I realize all you young go-getters would work 25/8 if possible.

You know who you are. Full of fire and passion to make your startup a success, allowing the business to consume all your time and feeling invincible enough that nothing so mundane as sickness would ever hold you back.


However, heed this advice from a 20-year business veteran who has learned the hard lessons from helping teams all over the world. 

1. You can't maintain a breakneck pace forever.
Sure, you have to invest plenty of time getting your business aloft, but you shouldn't still be working so hard three years later. Something's gotta give—don't let it be you.

2. Protect your time.
Keep external challenges from destroying your focus and eating your precious time. Block out time to concentrate on your strategic priorities and erect barriers against interruptions.

3. Know when to unplug.
If you don't take care of yourself and get the R&R you need, you won't have the energy to take care of your business and other people. Carve out personal time to do the things you enjoy, away from work and technology.

4. Cover the gaps.
What would happen if you were sick or hospitalized? Find good people to help you early on in your business, so you can actually take a vacation or be out of the office without worrying everything will fall apart.

You can't let work take over your entire life. The better you balance your work and your life, the greater your success will be.


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Walking the Tightrope

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