Where We Find Our Inspiration

Inspiration can be tough to come across, even when you make yourl iving from writing books, inspiring others and creating new ways for businesses to thrive, finding a never ending supply of light-bulb moments isn't easy.

So we thought we'd turn to our inspirational team of thought leaders to find out what they do to get the creative juices flowing, whether you are a bath person or love the outdoors there will be a gem in here that you can use in your own life - enjoy!

Michael McQueen - Futurist and Trends Expert

Apart from sitting beside lakes overlooking snowcapped mountains in the Canadian Rockies (as I am right now!), I find seeing creative excellence in it's various forms inspiring. Seeing great actors, singers or other performers in action is a fantastic way to get perspective and learn from the skills being exercised. Perhaps it is also something about being in the audience and the change of reference point this provides too.

 Yossi Ghinsberg - Survival Expert and Change Speaker

At times life feels overwhelming, too eventful and filled with surmounting challenges. The grinding day to day existence seems to deplete all inner resources, dims the lights and steal the spark from the eyes. At times like that I feel there's nothing I can do to help myself - i need to connect to the external source for some jus - so i take myself to nature be it a desert of a mountain ridge as long that it is far away from the city lights and their luring lies. Then when the night falls heavy I stand to look at the world from a new perspective - the rugged terrain free of people and their cities reminds me i am a citizen of a planet, the shimmering night's brilliance awaken me to see that i am a cosmic creature afloat in an outrageously awesome universe - my personal story seems small now, the troubles and worries of yesterday are hard to even recall, i am charged to the core by the core. I sit by a small fire and make myself a cup of sweet tea waiting for dawn to find me peacefully one with the world.

Siimon Reynolds - Business Excellence Speaker

My inspiration comes from the bath! Long baths, relaxed and away from deadlines and noise, help me come up with up with some of my best ideas.As a result of my bath obsession, I may in fact be the cleanest speaker in the world. 

Kieran Flanagan - Human Behaviour and Engagement Expert

For me inspiration comes from consciously seeking out problems. Always looking for a better way to do something, questioning everything and wondering a lot. Coming up with ideas is then all about generating enough options until you come up with a good one.

John Sweeney - Innovation and Mindset Speaker

My best and most consistent inspiration comes from the positive energy of raw potential. The thought that something could exist for the first time, or that something new could happen because of my forward movement or initiation. The possibility of change that will increase the quality of the human condition. That is exciting! It is a privilege to be able to create, the power of potential is infinite.

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Where We Find Our Inspiration

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