You Are What You Think

Working in telecommunications, you engage with people on a very personal level. Your business is connecting people around the world, whether it’s for their business or for their relationships.

In this day and age we place a great deal of importance on split second connectivity, we want to send an email and we want to send it NOW. We want to call our partners & we want to do it NOW. So there is no angry customer quite like an angry telco customer.

Working on the coal face and dealing with these angry voices can take the wind from your sails – but in my short video – I make the point that it is what you choose to focus on that defines you.

I am in pain, constantly, twenty four hours a day. It’s known as phantom limb syndrome and it’s a further reminder of the near fatal accident I was in a few years ago.

But through mental exercises and an intense desire to live my life to the full, I’ve taught myself to ignore this pain.

This negative feeling does not define me and that is what this video is going to outline to you:

  • You are what you think – hold that anger and it defines you
  • There are simple tricks you can use to distract your mind
  • You will have more energy and a better outlook on your work and life.

If you choose to hold the anger from that last call, if you choose to carry the disappointment from that last interaction, that is what your job will be defined by.

I want to equip you with the same tools I now possess as a result of my accident so that you can, not just bounce back from your last bad call, but bounce forward to an even better place than before.


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