Awesome apps for event planners!

The events industry has always been frenetic and fast paced - if the rest of the world is getting faster then our industry is hitting lightspeed!

Fortunately for us, talented programmers the world over have heard our call to arms and have developed some truly incredible apps that helps us claw back a few precious minutes.

It’s time to throw out that crusty old diary and join the age of apps! Here are some of our favourite time-savers and deal makers!

Eventbrite No event planner should be without this companion app to the online event booking tool. You’ll look like a total pro checking off attendees automatically on the iPad and accepting payments at the door!


Super planner Solve all your event planning headaches in one super app - determine seating capacity, calculate catering costs and find out how much square footage you’ll need so your guests can get their boogie on!


Keynote A dream app for presenters on the go! Produce slides on your laptop, sync them via iCloud and rock up to the venue with just an iPad and AppleTV - using AirPlay to stream your iPad to the screen!


MyBanquet If you’re the visual type, you’ll love myBanquet’s seating designer, helping you making arrangements based on the actual layout of the venue. See where guests are seated and re-organise on-the-fly!


iSurvey Word of mouth is everything, so make sure that you don’t miss out on capturing the awesome testimonials from each and every event. iSurvey lets you dispense with the pen and paper and quickly build your post-event marketing material.


CardMunch It’s the digital solution to the decades-old dilemma: what to do with the enormous pile of business cards that accumulate during an event? This app makes it simple - just scan them via your iPhone!


SkyScanner Find the cheapest days to fly from the least expensive nearby airports - make your flight booking fast, flexible and cost effective!


iLeads Make your next event a smash-hit for your clients by introducing iLeads. Running an iLead-enabled conference, attendees can simply scan the QRCode you’ll print on name badges for an automatic download of contact details!

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Awesome apps for event planners!

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