Are you driving the change you’d like to see?

Dan Gregory, CEO of The Impossible Institute and regular panelist on the wildly popular The Gruen Transfer recently provided a compelling vision of the future of advertising and ad agencies to Marketing magazine.

“The rules have changed a bit, and I think we’re witnessing a not-so-slow death of interruptive advertising. “ Says Gregory, who will be speaking at the upcoming DARE Melbourne Showcase.


"We’ve all become a channel. Your ability to aggregate interesting content determines the number of eyeballs you get to watch you"

“We’re engulfed in a digital revolution, which is the equivalent of the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. And it’s not just the marketing industry, it’s every industry involved in this. Retail is having to evolve to the online model very quickly; banking is already moving most of its stuff into an online space. So that’s driving a lot of this… There are new tools and they’re really interesting, but what’s more interesting is how we use them, and even more interesting is what are the things that we shouldn’t be changing? What are the principles of return in terms of engaging people? We’re still talking about human beings here. And I think there’s a temptation to have change drive the work that you do, as opposed to the work that you do driving the change that you want to see…"

Read the rest at Marketing magazine

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Are you driving the change you’d like to see?

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