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To be effective, innovation needs to become a practice, a habit. Having an idea is just the beginning. Innovation happens step by step via a structured process. James O’Loghlin’s “Innovator in Residence” program helps organisations move through all the stages of the innovative process and create a truly innovative culture. The program can include in-person visits, webinars, workshops, as well as bespoke sessions for different levels and groups within the organisation. For example:

  1. Regular videos that remind staff of the importance of innovation, inspire them to want to be innovative and give them practical strategies to help them to be innovative.
  2. Visits from James where he encourages and teaches the process of innovation. James’ visits help to make everyone accountable for the progress they have made.
  3. On his visits, James can share insights on:
    • How to have ideas
    • Pitching ideas
    • Developing ideas
    • Trialling ideas
    • Building an innovation pipeline
    • Creating an innovative culture
    • Evaluating and judging ideas
    • Listening to feedback from customers and others
    • Improving ideas
    • Implementing ideas
  4. Helping leaders create a truly innovative organisational culture, in which people are always looking to not just do their job, but to work out ways of doing their job better.
  5. Consulting on specific innovative projects the organisation is working on.

For the finance industry, now is the time to innovate

October 7th 2020

The Banking and Finance sector has been extremely innovative over the last decade - the shift to digital and online, the growth of Fintech and an increased focus on the customer - but never has it moved so fast as it did in the last two weeks of March 2020.

When Covid came, we all had to very quickly change the way we worked, the way we communicated, how we socialised, even what we did for leisure.

Overcoming Crisis Through Innovation

Overcoming Crisis Through Innovation

We have been living in an era of disruption and rapid change for some time, but never before have we faced changes as rapid and drastic as those caused by the Coronavirus. Suddenly, everything is different. Over the next few months organisations and businesses will face big challenges. To meet them, they will have to find new and better ways of doing things. More than ever before, your people need to be equipped with the skills they need to be innovative, so they can be constantly coming up with better ways of doing things.

In eight years hosting ABC-TV’s ‘The New Inventors’ James O’Loghlin worked with over a thousand innovators, and in his entertaining and thought-provoking keynote and/or workshop he will share practical strategies to equip your people with the skills they need to be innovative every day.

In this session you will learn:

  • An understanding of how innovation happens; the 3 things innovators do better than others
  • Easy-to-implement strategies to identify opportunities for innovation in your business and take advantage of them
  • How to create an organisational culture that encourages everyone to be innovative 
  • How to quickly and cheaply identify the best new ideas and implement them”

Overcoming Crisis Through Innovation

March 16th 2020

We have been living in an era of disruption and rapid change for some time, but never before have we faced changes as rapid and drastic as those caused by the Coronavirus. Suddenly, everything is different. Over the next few months organisations and businesses will face big challenges. To meet them, they will have to find new and better ways of doing things. More than ever before, your people need to be equipped with the skills they need to be innovative, so they can be constantly coming up with better ways of doing things.

How To Be An Innovative Educator

February 24th 2020

 It's a pivotal time in education. For hundreds of years students have sat in classes having knowledge imparted to them by teachers. Now, from high school, often earlier, virtually every student carries a device from which they can find out pretty much anything in a matter of seconds. 

Create an innovative culture in your organisation

September 24th 2019

Some leaders think it’s their job to have all the ideas. The best leaders understand that good ideas can come from anyone, from the CEO to the receptionist, and that it is often the people down the ladder dealing with customers and using systems every day, who know where improvement is needed. 

James O'Loghlin

James O'Loghlin is one of Australia's most respected, entertaining and experienced corporate speakers, corporate comedians and media personalities, best known as the host of over 300 episodes of "The New inventors" on ABC-TV, and for his witty and entertaining programs on ABC Local Radio.

Innovation in Education

October 10th 2018

I love speaking to groups of people involved in education because education is so important, and there are so many opportunities to improve the way we do it. However, there is also frustration in the education sector because it’s so big and dependent on government funding, and change can often appear slow.


March 2nd 2018

Leaders know that innovation is critical to business success. If you don’t innovate you die.

It’s easy to demand your team be more innovative, but much, much harder to lead the way.

Here’s a few simple steps that enables innovation to happen.

Innovating on purpose

December 19th 2017

We all know innovation is important, and that the pace of change is now so rapid that if we keep doing things the same way we will soon get left behind. Often we have good intentions about innovation. We say to ourselves, ‘Yes! I will spend more time thinking about how to improve my business.’

Odecast with James O'Loghlin

This edition we have something we've been working on for a while. Launching on iTunes soon, ODEcast is designed to spread the thought-leadership of Ode speakers to the world, not just the conference stage! In this months episode: James O'Loghlin talks innovation!


March 13th 2017

2017 is very different from 2007. Social media, automation, buy-with-a-click, customer engagement, big data and the cloud are just some of the things that have, in just a few years, gone from being incredible to being normal. James O’Loghlin contests that it’s naïve to think the next 10 years won’t bring just as much change.

Whose Job is it to Innovate?

September 16th 2016

When a company is small and starting out, everyone has to be innovative. It’s a necessity. You need to innovate to survive, because everything is new. There are new challenges and problems every day, every hour, and a lot of time needs to be spent thinking about how to meet those challenges and solve those problems. Companies have to work out how to supply something of value to customers, how to market their goods and/or services, how to attract and retain the best people and a hundred other things. As they do this, they are being, by definition, innovative.

Make Innovation Your State of Mind

February 2nd 2016

In this video, innovation expert and author James O’Loghlin shares 3 key steps you can start using today and every day to turn your mind into a natural incubator and creative channel for innovative thinking.

James has written a brand new book "Innovation is a State of Mind", due for release on March 1st, which outlines a step-by-step process to identify opportunities for innovation, develop better ideas, and grow those ideas into something real.

A Practical Guide to the Innovation Mindset

July 23rd 2015

From corporate lawyer to successful comedian and well-known TV personality to keynote speaker for innovation; James O’Loghlin explains how an innovation mindset asks the uncomfortable questions. In this post he outlines 5 key steps that can navigate towards your goals and transform the shape of your life’s direction. 

Innovation At Home

November 21st 2014

When you hear the word ‘innovation’, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? More than likely it’s something associated with business or industry or research and development. But to me innovation isn’t necessarily about big business, or even about any sort of business; it’s about thinking of ways of doing things better – and that can happen in business, but it can also happen in any aspect of our lives.

Breaking Bad - A Lesson In Innovation

May 23rd 2014

I recently had the opportunity to interview Vince Gilligan, the creator, producer, writer, sometime director and overall mastermind behind ‘Breaking Bad’ one of the greatest television series ever made. In fact, in my opinion it’s the greatest. This is what I learnt from speaking with him:

The 'Stupid' Ideas That Made Millions

April 22nd 2014

Many of the things we take for granted today would have sounded ridiculous when they were first thought of;

  • ‘What about a machine that can fly and carry people?’

The Pharma Industry Needs A Blank Page!

March 27th 2014

In business these days, it’s not often that we find ourselves staring at a blank piece of paper feeling stupid and frustrated.  And that’s a problem. We need to do it more.

The Danger Of Routines

February 28th 2014

First the good news. Routines and habits are a useful and essential part of running a successful business, and indeed a successful life. Routines bring order to chaos. When you are so busy that you don’t know what day it is, so tired that you’re chugging down double short blacks like they’re ice-cold lemonade on a hot day, and so stressed that you’re having five minute conversations with people and then walking away with no idea what it was that they said, it is of some comfort to at least be able to sit at the same desk, drink from the same coffee mug and go to the same place to buy lunch. When you impose structure upon your work day you feel more organised and in control.

How To Conquer Public Speaking

January 24th 2014

Giving a speech can be a joy or a disaster. It can make you feel ten feet tall, or that you want to disappear into the ground. It can be a humiliating, embarrassing ordeal, or an exciting, empowering and uplifting triumph in which you persuade, entertain, motivate and even move the audience.

Why the MC can make or break an event!

November 27th 2013

As the silly season gets under way, many of us will be looking to 2014 & the next 12 months of awards nights, conferences and events.

Often, during the planning process, the question comes up 'do we need an MC?'

Fostering Innovation in the Travel Industry

October 31st 2013

If you work in the travel industry you sell something of immense value. Holidays are some of people's most treasured experiences. They provide us with time to unwind, time to have adventures, and time to spend with family and friends. If you ask people to list their 10 best experiences, many of them would be whilst they have been on holiday.

There's another benefit of travelling. It changes our perspective.

Innovation and Human Resources

June 24th 2013

Most organisations know that innovation is important, but many struggle to make it happen. It's a more complicated goal than, say, improving your IT. How do you increase the amount of new ideas your organisation generates, and create pathways for those ideas to be shared, grown, trialled and – when they are good – implemented?

Communicating Isn’t that Simple

February 26th 2013

One might be tempted to assume that anyone who works in telecommunications is a pretty good communicator because, after all, that is what you do; you help people communicate. But communication – even before Wi-Fi, twitter and smartphones- has never been simple.

There’s no Magic in Innovation

January 17th 2013

Someone recently told me that the company they worked for spent ‘2.8 million dollars last year on innovation.’

‘Great,’ I said. ‘Is it a very innovative company?’ He thought for a moment and then, slightly embarrassed, said ‘No.’

James O'Loghlin

James O'Loghlin is one of Australia's most respected and recognisable media personalities with a passion for Practical Innovation.

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