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March 17th 2020 Trending

Harness the energy, spirit and passion of rockstars to overcome any challenge.

March 16th 2020 Trending

When we are under pressure we often think very differently. How to harness the problem-solving skills in your team. How to minimise fear and raise our ability to think creatively. The brain can’t hold two different opposing thoughts at the same time.

March 16th 2020 Lisa McInnes-Smith - Topics

Courage is that unquantified capacity to step above negative circumstances and crises and develop a mindset of possibilities and action. Courage is activated when you help others to see their potential and their options and include them in the bigger journey. It takes courage to initiate new behaviours, to innovate new thinking and to create new modes of operating.

It produces fruitfulness when you begin to know and encourage people at a deeper level.

To be a part of a significant team effort, it takes commitment, contribution and more courage; courage to adapt to others, courage to handle conflict kindly and courage to be responsible for what you begin.

This session includes:

  • How to empower people to act courageously and creatively.
  • Enabling courageous conversations that we need to have.
  • How to think “we” instead of “me”; unity and community.
  • How to keep calm, connect deeply with our people and build hope.
  • How to affirm attitudes, habits and behaviour that serve the current environment.
  • How to be a positive influence to those around you.
March 16th 2020 Trending

Amongst all the chaos, panic, fear and confusion of the Corona virus, I believe there's never been a more exciting time now in business and in life. We always talk about innovation and evolution and becoming the change, but we often leave it a little bit too late because we operate with a business as usual mindset.

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