Flawless Execution

You may have seen the movie Top Gun, now experience the real thing. Afterburner are the real fighter pilots who share their secrets to succeeding 98% of the time.

Does it ever feel like you're never entirely on top of things? Do your goals and targets always seem slightly out of reach? As a leader, do you feel like your strategy is lost in translation? Or perhaps it feels like the world around you is faster, more complex and more disrupted than ever before?

For over 25 years Afterburner has been quietly supporting the world's biggest brands, helping them to understand and deliver new ways of working that unlock the full potential of the people inside your organisation.

Afterburner's powerful keynotes immerse your people in the world of the fighter pilot. Learn what life is like at the edge of the human performance envelope where there's no room for excuses, poor communication or lack of focus. In their world, the consequences are real.

Let fighter pilots Afterburner and Christian 'Boo' Boucousis teach your team the skills that drive Flawless Execution, exciting, entertaining and high impact, these keynotes leave an impression long after the event and drive genuine transformation in your organisation.

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