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Pauline Nguyen critically addresses separatism. Pauline believes that we cannot fight separatism with separatism. The future does not resemble the past, and for Pauline, it’s critical for individuals to avoid confinement to the past. She calls for organizations and individuals to embrace oneness to fight bias, and offers solutions for a wholesome future.

I've been a professional speaker for over a decade and every year on International Women's Day, I'm often giving back-to-back keynotes. Perhaps it's because I can speak about what it means to be a woman in business and the professional world from direct experience.

I love speaking on International Women's Day because it gives me the opportunity to present a very different viewpoint each year. As I evolve personally and professionally, so too do my keynotes.
At many women's events, there's a lot of talk about separatism. Now is not the time for separatism. We cannot fight separatism with more separatism. Inventing a better tomorrow begins with acknowledging that the future need not resemble the past. We need to resist the temptation to be confined by the past because every next level of your life is going to demand a next level version of you.
We now need a more limitless landscape so that we can walk together and celebrate our differences as one. Now is the time for oneness and wholeness. There's no more fight. The fight is an internal one and it is only through the work of internal revolution can we truly influence the external evolution.

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