The Bionics of Change and Making Crisis Work in your Favour

I remember waking up after being in a coma for over a week and realizing that I had lost my arm and totally wrecked my leg. It was difficult not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.Yet the journey from that moment until today has been rewarding on many levels. From now living with the most advanced bionic arm in the world to what I currently do as a professional speaker. Let me explain…

Change can be both disruptive and unsettling, yet it can be also rewarding and prosperous. We all experience change in different ways but today I’m going to share with you how it dealt with me.

Crisis Creates Opportunity

The pharmaceutical industry has been through drastic change over the years from legislation & compliance, to economic crises and natural disaster. Yet through the turmoil we either get stronger or weaker. History tell us that when the greatest crisis strikes, opportunity is ignited. Some of the best innovations and greatest organisations started in a financial recession. So start looking at a crisis in a positive way and make it work for you, not against you. My accident was a drastic turnaround, yet today my life is far greater than it has ever been.

Proximity is POWER

The company that you keep determines who you are.

There is a long line of research that suggests that we are the average of our 5 closest friends. This is transferable in most areas of our lives from health, wealth, weight, behaviour and ultimately your success. One of the greatest contributors in my miraculous recovery and rehabilitation was the proximity of people around me at the time. In tough times you MUST surround yourself with the right proximity, those that encourage and lift you up. Be a part of an association, team, mentorship program, whatever it is, the proximity and the company that you keep determine who you are.

Leveraging Happiness

With growing rates of depression at an all time high, anxiety and disengagement levels skyrocketing and a growing unproductive workforce, we MUST disrupt this trend by consciously leveraging happiness within our teams and ourselves. Research shows that happiness leads to greater productivity and enhanced mental health. Employees take less sick days and are less likely to quit. Happiness boosts moral and heightens engagement levels. When I was in hospital for 5 months and in a wheelchair for a year, I HAD to consciously train myself to be happy, look at the brighter things in life and surround my self with positive proximity.

No matter what condition you might be facing today, it is your decision that determines who you are!

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The Bionics of Change and Making Crisis Work in your Favour

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