The courage to achieve contagious influence

In the post COVID times there are going to be many difficult conversations to be had. Are you ready to deal with the tough questions? Can you help people to be part of their own solution rather than part of the problem? Are you ready to build trust and help people who are in confronting situations? Lisa McInnes-Smith teaches leaders to Relate, Connect and Flourish.

Do you have a contagious influence? Do you present yourself in such a way that people love to learn from you, love to follow you, and are happy to listen to you? If you're going to influence, you're going to have to be able to be present. As a professional speaker of 30 years, I have learnt so many practical quick tools that can change a reasonable speaker into a very good speaker. Sometimes it's just the storytelling. It's just getting the elements of enabling people to be able to tell stories. Stories to share your care factor, and stories to promote vision, stories to show the direction they're going - selling people on where we're going together as a team and why we need to overcome together.

Your stories and your presentation skills are of the utmost importance in this new age. presenting your stories and ideas is done as much online as it is done in person. Now there is a need to learn to quickly change old habits into really high-performing habits. Let me help you to have the courage to try some new ways to present your ideas and to become a contagious influencer.

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