The courage to embrace change

Recent events have shown us that we know we can not often control what happens to us. As a world class musician sharing the stage with some of the biggest performers in the world, Mark Schulman knows a lot about building courage. He knows that it comes down to how we manage change. There are two ways of managing change: we either embrace it or resist it.

When COVID hit, I had 19 live speaking gigs cancelled for the months of March and April, and I panicked and resisted the reality of what was happening. I told myself I could never recreate what I call my rock show disguised as a keynote in a virtual format. I was anxious. I was fearful. I woke up a few days later and I realized that I was telling myself a story of resistance.

I decided to embrace what was inevitable, the change from live shows to virtual presentations. And the moment I made that decision I felt empowered and became excessively creative with ideas and possibilities I never thought possible. I learned more than I thought I ever would and created a state-of-the-art virtual presentation, complete with the audience interaction, drumming performances, with the high energy levels that I built my reputation on.

You have more creativity and profound solutions than you ever imagined possible. So go ahead and be willing to move outside of your comfort zone and embrace that change.

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