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Matthias Kroener

Tech enthusiast, Creator, former Banking CEO: Matthias Kroener is a highly respected thought leader when it comes to planning, building and operating disruptive and customer-centric banking business models.

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For more than 25 years, Matthias Kroener has been on a mission to innovate and disrupt the financial services industry.

As a CEO, co-founder and shareholder of Fidor Group, he created a pioneering digital and mobile financial services technology provider. Starting in 2007, Fidor quickly became a pioneer of global fintech development - often named as the oldest fintech bank in the world.

When it was time to leave Fidor, the group was truly global with successful offices running in Dubai, Munich, New York and Singapore. It had operated in BtoC and BtoB and received a string of awards and accolades.

Prior to Fidor, Matthias had already co-created Europe’s first digital bank and online broker, DAB bank, and served as its CEO - with a successful IPO in 1999 and acquisition of Selftrade in 2000.

As a thought leader, Matthias is known as an inspirational keynote speaker. He is a successful incubator for several highly innovative start-up companies, and an active seasoned senior digital advisor, company creator and investor.

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Fintech Insider

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Matthias Kroener featured on this 2019 episode of the Fintech Insider podcast. Matthias tells the story of the online bank Fidor, and how it was formulated during the global financial crisis of the last decade.

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Kümmer Dich um Dein Geld

Kümmer Dich um Dein Geld

15 minutes a week to become a money professional

Pioneers in the field of on-line banking Matthias Kroener and Stephan Czajkowski show you how to manage your finances and what role an Internet community plays in this modern age. Detailing the biggest mistakes and successes in personal financial management, Matthias and Stephan draw upon their collective experience as a financial professional and Business journalists to help you avoid those common monetary mis-steps.

Published in Germany in 2013.

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