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Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh is a futurist and leading authority on the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer behaviour and fast growth markets.

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Mike is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing companies for the 21st century. He advises leaders on how to thrive in the current era of disruptive technological change.

A true global nomad, Mike travels over 300 days a year worldwide, researching trends, collecting innovation case studies and presenting on the future of business.

Mike’s clients include many of the global Fortune 500, and as a sought-after keynote speaker he regularly shares the stage with world leaders and business icons alike.

Mike previously founded Jupiter Research in Australia, and has also held senior strategy roles at News Corporation in the Asia Pacific Region.

Mike’s best-selling book Futuretainment, published by Phaidon was the winner of the design award by the Art Director’s Club in New York. Mike's latest book is The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas. Each week he interviews provocative thinkers, innovators and troublemakers on his weekly podcast, Between Worlds.

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My speaking topics...

Yesterday The World Changed, Now It’s Your Turn

Available as a high impact 50 minute keynote or a half day workshop with interactive exercises and facilitated discussion. Supported by a global network of analysts and researchers - Mike takes the time to work with you and your team to tailor his presentations to directly address the issues directly relevant to your company and industry.

Welcome to the Revolution. The balance of power has shifted and consumers have taken control. Based on Mike Walsh's bestselling book, FUTURETAINMENT is a fast paced tour of the latest technologies, global trends, and case studies that will forever change the way you think about your relationship with your customers. In this session Mike shares:

  • The most disruptive trends specifically researched for your industry and products and promotions that will engage the next generation of consumers
  • Consumer innovations from fast growth emerging markets and global best practices in mobile applications and platforms

Business Re-Imagined

What does it take to lead a 21st century company? New technology is not only an opportunity to improve productivity, it invites us to ask a much bigger question - can we re-imagine the way we do business? Forces of change surround us. Whether it be generational turnover, the Cloud, mobile work, or the rise of the social enterprise - the companies that thrive in the near future will be the ones that not only embrace change but are the first to break the rules. With original consumer market research, practical evaluations of next generational enterprise tools and case studies from some of the world’s most innovative firms - you will have everything you need to start thinking like a FLEX firm. In this session Mike shares:

  • The new digital platforms and enterprise tools and new models of innovation suitable for the current market. How consumerization, enterprise mobility and the Cloud will change the way your teams collaborate and act on information
  • Relevant case studies of the ‘winners circle’ of companies who have survived disruptive change and a roadmap for your company's future and identify the capabilities you will need to take it there

Your Roadmap To The Global Future

Social unrest, economic turmoil, rapid technological change - we live in a world seemingly dominated by crisis. And yet if you look more closely, you may also see a different set of patterns giving rise to new markets, new consumers and new ways to do business. The future is already here, you just need to know where to look. How we interact, transact and entertain ourselves in the future will be shaped by a billion new consumers from emerging markets. THE FUGUE is your roadmap to understanding and accessing the growth potential of tomorrow's world. In this session Mike shares:

  • How the Web of tomorrow will be different, new markets, consumers and technology trends that will be essential for the global growth of your business
  • Case studies of international companies, the winners and losers in the digital world and the disruptive innovation models of your emerging market competitors

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Watch me...

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Business & Technology eVideo

Business & Technology eVideo

Mike Walsh is one of the great futurists of our time. With an unerring handle on the shape of things to come, Mike brings a focussed disruptive look at technology and business to the table. He will help your business reshape itself for the 21st century and provide insights that will keep you ahead of the curve.



MIKE'S bestselling book Futuretainment is a perfect complement to his keynote and workshop presentations, and provides a succinct overview of the digital revolution. Futuretainment is about a world transformed by consumer connectedness. It is an indispensable handbook for anyone wanting to understand the future of media and marketing, and explains what it will take for companies and brands to thrive in this challenging new environment. With a unique focus on the dynamic markets of Japan, China and Korea - Futuretainment tells the story of disruptive consumer innovation at the cutting edge of social media. Futuretainment is an intense visual feast, presenting its 23 unique insights with original photography, innovative graphs and data visualisations – a radical rethink of the traditional business book.  

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