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Keith Ferrazzi is a bestselling author, award-winning speaker, investor, philanthropist, and executive team coach who helps teams transform enterprises. As Founder and Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight and its applied research institute, he coaches executive teams in top organizations to achieve transformative outcomes by harnessing Radical Adaptability and Co-Elevation®. He is recognized as one of the world’s most sought-after executive team coaches.

Ferrazzi is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Who’s Got Your Back, Never Eat Alone, Leading Without Authority, and Competing in a New World of Work. He formerly served as CMO and Head of Sales at Deloitte and Starwood Hotels.

Fast Company Leadership Hall of Famer and Toastmasters 2018 Golden Gavel Award Winner, Ferrazzi’s keynotes tap into the hearts and minds of attendees and challenge them to welcome change and embrace inclusive collaboration. By deeply connecting everyone in the room, Ferrazzi facilitates risk-taking and candor to ignite action.

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Keep Your Team Connected While You’re Apart
Keith Ferrazzi Co-Elevation - It Means Leading Without Authority
Keith Ferrazzi T3 Summit
Keith Ferrazzi_ Larry King Interview

The Great Resignation is a time of exploration

The pandemic forced everyone to rethink their priorities and work-life balance. They’re exploring their options and resigning if their current job doesn’t offer what they’re looking for. This is only a crisis for leaders who misread or mismanage the moment. For everyone else, it’s an opportunity. Keith Ferrazzi spoke with Marketplace’s David Brancaccio about strategies for both employers and employees seeking to get the most out of the current labor market. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation. Read more +

Leading Virtual Teams Through Crisis

With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus growing, Keith Ferrazzi is coaching the executive teams of the world's largest organizations virtually. Companies like Delta, GM, & Verizon have pivoted from traditional avenues of engagement and into the virtual world to keep up. You can too. Read more +

Co-elevation in Leadership

By helping global organizations recognize and transform behaviors that unlock or block strategic goals, Keith Ferrazzi helps create new, more profitable habits throughout every level of the businesses he works with. Read more +
Competing in the new world of work

Competing in the new world of work

Through research involving over 2,000 Fortune 500 executives, #1 New York Times best selling author Keith Ferrazzi and his team uncovered what workplace innovations unleashed exponential growth during the most volatile period in business. And now you can use them, too.‍The pandemic forced organizations to adapt to new, often better, ways of operating. So why not skip “returning to normal” and use what we learned in crisis?

Get the blueprint you need now to:

  • Leverage hybrid work to retain talent
  • See around corners to better prepare for the future
  • Apply next-level collaboration techniques to out-innovate your competition
  • Create unstoppable teams through inclusion, experimentation, and resilience

Published 2021

Leading Without Authority

Leading Without Authority

Keith Ferrazzi, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Never Eat Alone redefines collaboration for the twenty-first century with a radical new workplace operating system in which leadership no longer demands an official title.

Many are quick to respond to the mounting pressures facing today’s organizations by blaming the pace of technological change. But bestselling author, CEO, and coach to Fortune 100 companies Keith Ferrazzi disagrees. This era of explosive change, he says, has merely exposed the flaws in how we have always worked. At a time when constant innovation, agility, and speed of decision-making can mean the difference between success and failure, he says, we can no longer afford to waste time navigating the complex chains of command or bureaucratic bottlenecks present in most companies. In times like these, the ability to lead without authority is an essential workplace competency.

Enter a bold new methodology Ferrazzi calls co-elevation. With the guiding ethos of “going higher together,” co-elevation allows us to turn colleagues and partners into teammates. And you don’t have to have formal authority, or direct reports, to do it. In fact, the other person doesn’t even need to be aware of your efforts. You simply have to marshal a commitment to a shared mission and care about the success and development of others as much as you care about your own. By helping others to be better at what they do, we create a level of trust, candor, mutual accountability, and purpose that exceeds what could have been accomplished under the status quo.

In Leading Without Authority, Ferrazzi draws on over a decade of research and over thirty years helping CEOs and senior leaders drive innovation and build high-performing teams to reveal how we can all transform our business and our relationships with the people around us. The result is a new roadmap for thriving amid the disruptive pressures afflicting every industry.

Published May 2020

Who's Got Your Back?

Who's Got Your Back?

Disregard the myth of the lone professional “superman” and the rest of our culture’s go-it alone mentality. The real path to success in your work and in your life is through creating an inner circle of “lifeline relationships” – deep, close relationships with a few key trusted individuals who will offer the encouragement, feedback, and generous mutual support every one of us needs to reach our full potential. Whether your dream is to lead a company, be a top producer in your field, overcome the self-destructive habits that hold you back, lose weight or make a difference in the larger world, Who’s Got Your Back will give you the roadmap you’ve been looking for to achieve the success you deserve.

Never Eat Alone

Never Eat Alone

In Never Eat Alone, Ferrazzi lays out the specific steps—and inner mindset—he uses to reach out to connect with the thousands of colleagues, friends, and associates on his contacts list, people he has helped and who have helped him. And in the time since Never Eat Alone was published in 2005, the rise of social media and new, collaborative management styles have only made Ferrazzi’s advice more essential for anyone hoping to get ahead in business.

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