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Scott Bales

Scott Bales is a global futurist, innovation & digital strategist, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker at TEDx and a best-selling author

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Scott Bales, a dynamic force in today's digital landscape, stands at the forefront of "The Digital Shift," an era of rapid innovation, cultural evolution, and technological transformation. As a visionary thinker, Scott's expertise lies in bridging the gap between the profound changes in behavior and culture prompted by digital advancements. His personal mission is to drive a positive impact on humanity by applying technologies.

With over twenty years of global experience in innovation and implementation strategy, Scott has become a renowned consultant and speaker. He is celebrated for articulating groundbreaking ideas with compelling clarity and enthusiasm.

Scott has worked globally with brands like Microsoft, Google, Deloitte, Amazon, VISA, AIA, and many more. His entrepreneurial journey includes a pivotal role as Chief Mobile Officer for Moven, the pioneering digital bank, earning him the title of a 'Digital Warrior.' Scott uniquely combines his deep understanding of human motivations with an intense passion for technology.

In an era dominated by the digital revolution, Scott advocates for technological adaptability and embodies it. His extensive involvement includes Advisory Boards and Counsels in Banking, Diversity and inclusion, Startup Accelerators, and aligned non-profits, firmly positioning him as a leader committed to shaping the future of business and technology.

Scott's work was founded in his academic studies, holding a Masters of Business, Masters of Information Technology, and post-graduate Business Law and published his works best-selling books "Mobile Ready: Connecting With The Untethered Consumer" and "Innovation Wars," which are vital resources for corporations seeking to implement impactful and successful innovation programs. His work continues to inspire and guide businesses navigating the ever-evolving digital era.

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Scott Bales
Innovation Wars - Book Trailer [HD, 720p]
Scott Bales introduces us to Isaac at #NBAHK13

AI Ethics & the Crossroads of Innovation and Responsibility - Insights from Keynote Speaker and Futurist Scott Bales

Scott Bales, a renowned keynote speaker and digital strategist works at the intersection of innovation and responsibility, leading the charge on ethical considerations in artificial intelligence (AI). In a world where AI technologies are rapidly evolving, Scott emphasises the critical role of ethics in ensuring these advancements benefit society without causing unintended harm. Addressing corporate events and tech conferences worldwide, Scott Bales helps organisations develop robust digital strategies that prioritise ethical AI development. Read more +

Recode Your Leadership

In these challenging times the need to adjust and recode your leadership to meet the unique demands placed on our organisations by the fallout of Covid-19 is the new relaity that all leaders must learn to overcome. Read more +

The Innovative Culture Battle is Real

Change is imperative, yet many organizations’ transformation initiatives meet numerous setbacks, failures or delays. Conversely, those that succeed are eventually confronted with the reality that they are not advancing as desired. At best, these transformations put the organizations on par with newer and more agile rivals. As the pace of change accelerates, organizations must find strategies for enhancing growth. This creates the need to establish agility and digital capacities to effectively compete with other organizations in a hyper-competitive environment.  Read more +

Modern Leadership Styles Reshaping the Digital Economy

The digital revolution is causing an enormous change in reshaping leadership styles. These changes include swift and far-reaching technological changes, a shift from physical attributes towards knowledge, more dispersed and less hierarchical forms of organization and globalization that supports the spread of information. Read more +

5 Factors Driving Performance in 2019

Scott Bales is a global leader in the cutting edge arena known as “The Digital Shift”, encompassing innovation, culture, design, technology and mobility in a world gone digital. A thought leader through and through, Scott thrives on the intersection between cultural and behavioural changes in the face of technology innovations. In this video Scott details five global factors that have influenced industry performance in 2019.

Fintech's culture challenge

What happens when you transplant the DNA of Silicon Valley into financial services firms? It’s quite a big leap for a traditional HR division. Read more +

The Proptech Opportunity

Property on the blockchain? Smart contracts and bitcoin-like management of decentralised property ownership is coming. And that's just the start. Although consumer demand has driven the widespread adoption of online real estate listings, the mechanisms and processes of real estate have gone largely unchanged for decades - or longer. That's all starting to change. Read more +

Financial Services; Curb the Fear and Innovate!

Scott Bales is a leading tech innovator. This video-clip covers one of the ideas at the heart behind Scott's newest book Innovation Wars: Unlocking the Secrets of Corporate Innovation. How do banks and financial services break through the 'fear barrier' to design innovative products and services... and survive? Read more +

New Book Innovation Wars. The Pre-Order Has Begun.

To respond to the ever growing demand amongst my clients, I'm launching my new book Innovation Wars, with the pre-orders starting on May 2nd. After the success of my previous book Mobile Ready, I've chosen to partner with Publishizer to build the support to produce an amazing innovation tool. You can pre-order the book here. Read more +

Creativity: Is Fear Holding Back Innovation?

An influential driver of innovation, Digital Strategist & Futurist Scott Bales poses some challenging questions to shine a light onto those problem areas that often block creative flow and progress. Read more +

It's Time To Leave The Building

Innovation is full of surprises, that might scare you. Over the past decade I’ve seen my fair share of attempts at innovation. Everything from incremental enhancements, through to bold attempts at disruptive innovation. One thing stands true, innovation is full of surprises that NO company ever prepared for. And often, scares the c#$% out of them. The key to getting 'ideas' right is to make sure you really understand who you are innovating for by getting out amongst your consumers. Read more +

5 Steps To Real Innovation

One of the most abused words for the past few years is innovation. Ever since the likes of Apple or Netflix revolutionized their respective industries, you hear entrepreneurs telling themselves and others they also want to “innovate” and hopefully grow as large as these global brands. A good friend of mine recently borrowed Dan Ariely’s quote from Big Data to describe innovation: Read more +

Smartphone Etiquette

 In the ever-growing world of smartphones and smartphone users, one thing has become fairly clear: We all love our own phone, but we hate yours. A self indulgent view of life amongst mobile & social technologies. Mobile life has become the norm, but it doesn’t mean we all have equal ideas about it. Read more +

The Ultimate Mobile Banking App!

There is no doubt that strategies around mobile banking are in the top five priorities for any financial institution. Even with this focus, many bankers have a difficult time making the paradigm shift that is required to build a great mobile banking application. Read more +

Through the looking glass… 2014 predictions

2014 is upon us, a year that is already showing signs of being a devastatingly successful year for the transformation towards digital nativity… so what do I see the year bringing to the world of culture, behaviour and technology. Read more +

A Dummies Guide To Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been in the news a lot lately. Involved in everything from space travel with Virgin Galactic, NFC with Nio Card and even Snoop Dogg‘s next record. Read more +

When is a Dollar a Dollar?

Scott is a visionary and banking innovator who, as Movenbank's Chief Mobile Officer is poised to disrupt the banking services industry with a mobile-centric offering unlike any other. In this fascinating piece Scott explores what our physical money actually means and how we can expect this to change in the not so distant future. Some say that it makes the world go round, others call it the root of all evil. But what exactly is money? Why do we need it? And where did it come from? Read more +
Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

Is your company mobile ready?

With over 6 billion mobile devices globally, an entire new ecosystem has been created that binds us all together, changing the mindset and behaviour of consumers. The amount of time and money people are spending on mobile devices is growing rapidly and yet many businesses don't understand the mobile consumer. Nor a plan to capitalise on this tectonic market shift.

Mobile is not about the technology. Mobile is about behaviour, context, and utility. When you embrace this, technology as an issue disappears. No longer are you talking about operating systems, hardware, or device features. Instead you’ll focus on the elements of mobile that always supersede the constantly redundant mobile device world. A consumer behaviour centric view of business and markets.

Enjoy the journey into a world without physicality, be more open minded, and learn to embrace the future of your business.

Innovation Wars

Innovation Wars

Innovation Wars dives into the competitive nature of inovation in the modern organisation to uncover the secrets to driving innovation success.

A decade of technology driven progress has triggered a global shift in leadership practice, driving new demands on organizational capability, culture and design. Leading organizations around the world leverage the power of Customer Centric Design and Lean Startup methods, out pacing their corporate peers in the battle for future markets. Innovation Wars is your guide to market success in the battlefield that is corporate innovation.

Greater than 65% of corporate executives see innovation as the key to unlocking new value, new markets and harnessing the power of new technologies. But not everyone succeeds. Through this book you will learn how to successfully:

  • Learn how to change your operating model to survive and thrive in an era of disruption
  • What are the strategic lessons that drive success?
  • What are the frameworks, tools and key infantry that you will need to drive innovation in your organization?
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