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Scott Bales

Scott Bales is a global futurist, innovation & digital strategist, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker at TEDx and a best-selling author

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A technology guru, Scott Bales is a global leader in the cutting-edge arena known as "The Digital Shift", encompassing innovation, culture, design, technology and mobility in a world gone digital. A thought leader through and through, Scott thrives on the intersection between cultural and behavioural changes in the face of technological innovations.

With over ten years of international experience in innovation and implementation strategy, Scott has built a reputation as a sought-after consultant and speaker with the ability to communicate unorthodox ideas with insightful passion.

Currently, Scott is the Chief of Staff at Microsoft Asiapacific region, The MD of Innovation Labs Asia, and has previously worked as Chief Mobile Officer for Moven, the world’s first-ever digital everyday bank. Described as a 'Digital Warrior', Scott has found a way to successfully mesh his fascination with people and what motivates them together with a raw enthusiasm for technology.

In a world where technology reigns, you must practice what you preach, and Scott does exactly that. He’s a founding member of Next Bank, a mentor to Entrepreneurs across the world on Lean Startup, sits on the Board of Care Pakistan and holds advisory positions at Publishizer, FastaCash, Our Better World, The HUB Singapore and Apps 4 Good. He’s a man on a mobile technology mission to transform mainstream thought processing around conventional business practices.

Scott has authored best-selling books Mobile Ready: Connecting With The Untethered Consumer and Innovation Wars, an essential guide for any corporate to drive successful innovation programs with impact.

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Scott Bales
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Scott Bales introduces us to Isaac at #NBAHK13

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Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

Is your company mobile ready?

With over 6 billion mobile devices globally, an entire new ecosystem has been created that binds us all together, changing the mindset and behaviour of consumers. The amount of time and money people are spending on mobile devices is growing rapidly and yet many businesses don't understand the mobile consumer. Nor a plan to capitalise on this tectonic market shift.

Mobile is not about the technology. Mobile is about behaviour, context, and utility. When you embrace this, technology as an issue disappears. No longer are you talking about operating systems, hardware, or device features. Instead you’ll focus on the elements of mobile that always supersede the constantly redundant mobile device world. A consumer behaviour centric view of business and markets.

Enjoy the journey into a world without physicality, be more open minded, and learn to embrace the future of your business.

Innovation Wars

Innovation Wars

Innovation Wars dives into the competitive nature of inovation in the modern organisation to uncover the secrets to driving innovation success.

A decade of technology driven progress has triggered a global shift in leadership practice, driving new demands on organizational capability, culture and design. Leading organizations around the world leverage the power of Customer Centric Design and Lean Startup methods, out pacing their corporate peers in the battle for future markets. Innovation Wars is your guide to market success in the battlefield that is corporate innovation.

Greater than 65% of corporate executives see innovation as the key to unlocking new value, new markets and harnessing the power of new technologies. But not everyone succeeds. Through this book you will learn how to successfully:

  • Learn how to change your operating model to survive and thrive in an era of disruption
  • What are the strategic lessons that drive success?
  • What are the frameworks, tools and key infantry that you will need to drive innovation in your organization?
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